500 electric lands in the US, MIrafiori orders for 100,000 cars a year

500 electric lands in the US, MIrafiori orders for 100,000 cars a year

For the emblematic plant in Turin, 2023 will be the year of a return to triple-digit production volumes thanks to the imminent landing in the US market of the Electric 500, expected for 2024, which according to Stellantis plans will drive the Mirafiori production to more than 100,000 vehicles per year among the most Popularity between the Fiat brand and the Grugliasco-made Maseratis.

Similar figures have not been seen since 2010, when 120,000 cars left the factory. From then until 2019, when a historic low for a large plant in terms of volumes was reached, with 21,000 cars in twelve months, production has always fallen. Then, with the group choosing to focus on Mirafiori as the reference hub for FCA’s electrification (in the meantime it’s becoming Stellantis), things have improved.

Last year, according to data provided by Fiom CGIL secretary in Turin, Eddie Lazzi, between Carrozzeria and Maserati, 88,000 vehicles left the Mirafiori between the 500 Biff (72,663) and the Trident (15,337) models. And in 2023, given the debut in the United States of the flagship model of the group’s electrification strategy, volumes will grow even more. Also because if you look at the USA, you are referring to a huge market and far ahead of Europe in terms of electricity, also from an infrastructure point of view.

However, according to Lazi, “the goal of re-launching the plant is still far from being reached. At least 200,000 new cars and models are needed. Turin, without Stellantis, would be a poorer city but to return to 2006 levels (218,000 cars produced) we must continue to invest also in terms of employment ».

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Mirafiori’s generational turnover is, according to the union, a sore point. At the Carrozzerie, where the vehicles are assembled, the average age of the 3,178 workers (of the 11,336 who crowd the factory) is around 55. Moreover, today in Mirafiori there are two employees for each line operator. When the factory had 60,000 employees in the 1970s, the ratio was one employee for every seven production employees.

Over the next seven years, 70% of the 3,178 Carrozzeria employees will retire. To give the factory a future, we need to hire people, not temporary workers but young people with permanent contracts,” commented trade unionist Fayoum.

The numbers of workers stamping in Mirafiori will never be able to return to the brutal levels of the 20th century, also because electrifying the auto industry requires 30% less work force, but according to Fiom, the fate of Turin still depends heavily on the health of its high-powered car industry. SUV.

“Events and tourism are not enough to relaunch the city of Turin, if we want to relaunch the city, we need to relaunch manufacturing and especially the automotive industry,” Lazzi added. “We will continue this fight because we believe it is also a fight for Turin, as well as rethinking Mirafiori in light of electricity and its role as the hub of the circular economy that the company has announced.” –

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