No longer taboo | All you need is an app and become a sex guru

No longer taboo |  All you need is an app and become a sex guru

Sex is still a taboo for many people and it’s hard to talk about it openly, but now you can know all about it just thanks to your phone and an app!

Talking about sex and one’s experiences is never easy, even if we’re chatting with our best friend or someone we trust. Especially in Italy with regard to the culture on this subject we are still very closed, and even if we are talking about youngsters or pre-teen boys who are often excluded from the sexual sphere in an attempt to protect them, but in reality it should be the opposite.

Sexual education is perhaps one of the most important aspects to learn and learn for a pre-adolescent boy or girl who, thanks to the Internet, finds himself discovering certain topics independently, but at the same time is exposed to many risks that can be avoided. Healthy and important education within schools. Boys aged 12/13 and over must necessarily rely on external means to understand sex in all its aspects.

Sex and the Internet aren’t always a bad match

When we think about “sex” on the internet, the first thing that comes to mind is clearly the porn industry which can kind of pose a danger to children and teens who already have access to the internet from an early age and surely isn’t it the right and right way to make him understand sexual topics Even if only in a theoretical way. However, this does not mean that we have to keep our children away from the Internet, because there are also very useful solutions for combining business with pleasure.

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No sex education in schools: the alternative is this app!

In the absence of sex education in schools, and if we do not want to be parents to explain certain topics to our children because they are difficult to explain or we feel ashamed, here comes technology that is not always bad for the little ones. In fact, a system created thanks to an application capable of answering all questions related to sex: a very nice way to satisfy all the curiosities of the little ones, but also for the elderly who are looking for answers where they cannot find them .

Ask and it will answer – the app that answers all your questions

It’s a totally free app and it’s so popular you might already have it on your mobile phone: we’re talking about it cable, the messaging app that more and more people prefer WhatsApp because of the many features it has. Besides channels, another great feature of Telegram is “bot“, or certain conversations that work through commands and can be used in many possibilities, such as answering questions from the most curious people.

The robot is called EdSexBOT It can be easily found by typing the name into the Telegram app’s search bar. It is a completely Italian project created by the Social Impact Designer George Gaudio, who wanted to create a place where all people could satisfy their thirst for information on the subject of sex. However, we are talking not only about the practical act of sex, but also about fertilityl risks and diseasesAnd ban And also Laws and regulations relating to the sexual sphere and relationships: In short, the questions that a person asks himself every day and does not know who to ask and where to ask, the solution is exactly this robot.

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