Civil Protection deactivates the INUNCAT alarm…

Civil Protection deactivates the INUNCAT alarm…
  1. Storms hit more strongly between 00:00 and 02:00 a.m. in the Camp de Tarragona area, even approaching flash flood intensity.
  2. The emergency number 112 received 240 calls related to the INUNCAT alarm, most of them from the Baix Camp area
  3. Between 20:00 last night and 08:00 this morning, the state fire department attended to 116 alerts related to the rain incident.

The State Civil Protection has deactivated the alert of the Catalonia Flood Emergency Plan (has been entered) after the Catalonia Meteorological Service reported that the episode of heavy rains had ended for the time being. Storms hit more strongly between 00:00 and 02:00 a.m. in the Camp de Tarragona area, even approaching flash flood intensity.

The stations that exceeded the rainfall threshold of 20 mm/30 minutes during the afternoon of Saturday, June 1 and early morning of Sunday, June 2, 2024 are the following:

  1. Tarragona – Sports Complex (Tarragon): 60.6
  2. Al-Nul (Alternate Camp): 40.5
  3. Fennels and Brackets (Pikes Camp): 38
  4. Ruby font (Alt Penedes): 34.8
  5. Caldes de Montbuis (Vallées Orientale): 33.8
  6. Constanti (Tarragonnes): 33.7

Throughout the entire episode, the intensity of rainfall was high at several automatic stations in the Catalonia Meteorological Service network, although not all of them exceeded the threshold of 20 mm in 30 minutes. In addition, there were hailstorms. Hail is falling in several places in Catalonia. SMC observers reported this in the following cities: Manresa, Villafranca del Penedes, Santa Margarida de Montbui and Valbona d’Annoia.

On the other hand, the central and northern Maresme region experienced a very strong storm on Saturday afternoon that caused some streams to drop and some campsites to be slightly flooded. Records ranging from 40 to 60 mm were reached.

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As a result of this incident, the emergency telephone 112 received up to 05.00 a total of 240 calls resulting in 142 cases, especially in the Baix Camp area, and Reus was the municipality with the highest number of calls. Most of the calls were recorded after midnight.

In this area, the most notable incident occurred due to water accumulation in the municipality of Tarragona, where part of the false ceiling of the Zero concert hall collapsed during the morning, forcing all customers and workers to evacuate the place. No one was injured.

Throughout this episode, the municipalities of Sant Puy de Llobregat, Java, Tarragona, Terrassa and Cerdaniola del Valles activated their municipal action plans.

Between 20:00 last night and 08:00 this morning, the Generalitat Fire Department responded to 116 calls related to a rain incident. They were concentrated in the rural provinces of Tarragona, with 87 notices, 52 of which were in Reus.

The remaining 18 are in the emergency area in the south of the capital and 9 in the north. In the emergency areas of Girona and the central provinces of Catalonia, a warning is issued for each.

Most alarms are derived from water inundation in basements, garages, roofs, terraces and on public roads, or to check for non-structural items that have fallen or are about to fall. Also for some compounds that are obscured by water. not serious

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