Jaume Clotet wins the Josep Pla Award for the thriller “The Brotherhood of the Fallen Angel”

the novel “Brotherhood of the Fallen Angel” For journalist and historian Jaume Clotet She received the 56th Giuseppe Pla Prize for Prose in the Catalan Language, worth 10,000 euros.

It's a contemporary thriller A monk from Montserrat and a police officer as heroes On a mission that endangers the foundations of the Catholic Church. The book, which will be published on February 7, contains historical elements and begins in the Holy Land in 1291, with a group of Knights Templar who fled the Kingdom of Jerusalem and took the city's best secrets with them.

Upon receiving the award, Clotet said: “I believe that today I have become a writer.” The journalist and historian defended reading when he received the award: “Writing is a very important job, but reading is even more important.”confirmed.

For Clotet, the award means “An important boost to the writing profession”Although he noted that political journalism and government work have “marked” his career thus far.

Clotet is 49 years old He wrote for various Catalan media. He also worked in the field of institutional and political communication and was appointed Director General of Communications for the state government in 2016.

He has written and co-authored several books, including “The best works of Catalan literature (commented by the censor)”written with Kim Torra; “Free or dead”With David de Montserrat; “50 key moments in the history of Catalonia” s “Banned Cathars”a historical novel that won the Nestor Lujan Prize.

Jaume Clotet's story was selected by the jury from among 37 manuscripts selected by Josep PlaThis award is now in its fifty-sixth edition and prose texts in the Catalan language can be submitted to it.

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Perez Gileda and Clotet with trophies (ACN/Pere Francesch)

Cesar Pérez Gileda, Nadal Award

It won the 80th Birthday Prize for the Novel, which is one of the most prestigious prizes in Spanish literature and is worth 30,000 euros. Cesar Perez Gileda for every “under land”. Pérez Gileda triumphed over the 824 manuscripts submitted.

This kind of book is award-winning too An interesting story, in this rural caseAnd with a mysterious and alluring widow from Extremadura as the protagonist. He lived at the beginning of the twentieth century and shaped the fate of those who crossed his path stained with blood and mud. When a widow disappears from her property, The investigator begins looking for reasons to find out what happened.

Cesar Pérez Gileda is a prolific writer In just one decade he wrote dozens of booksall in its own style already known as the “Gelida genre” and the vast majority set in the city of Valladolid, where the writer was born.

Fast-paced narratives, intrigue and plenty of action in contemporary stories. A complete deconstruction of the noir novel that revitalizes the genre and escapes dogma to win over new readers. Until now he has been the author of the Random House Mondadori collection: the bulk of his works are published on the Suma label.

For Pérez Gileda, as a writer of dark novels, Among his “obligations” is “to disturb the reader.”. The author asserts that he works with the mechanisms of a screenwriter and that he has the ability to “attract the reader from the first page.”

In receiving the award, Pérez Gileda celebrated the 80th birthday and the fact of sharing the award with other writers from Valladolid such as Gustavo Martín Garzo and, above all, Miguel Delibeswhom he described as “Mr. In fact, Delibes is the lead author of Destino, the brand name behind the award. In addition, he cited two words from the dictionary that he said “always caught his attention: joy and thanksgiving.”

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Just like the Josep Pla Prize, the winning work at Christmas It will be published on February 7th.

Cesar Pérez Gileda receives the Christmas Award (ACN/Pere Francesch)

The first major literary event of the year

As usual, the Nadal and Josep Pla awards will be presented on the eve of Kings Day at the Palace Hotel in Barcelona (the old Ritz) at a dinner filled with well-known faces from the literary world.

Writers and editors gather for the first major literary event of the year. Among those in attendance were the scheme's most recent winners: Gemma Ventura (“Winter Act”), Toni Krawanis (“Valley of Light”) and Maria Barbal (“Tandem”).

As well as Najat Al Hashimi, winner of the 2021 Christmas Award for the film “Los lunes nos querrán,” and journalist and cultural writer Inés Martín Rodrigo, winner of the 2022 Christmas Award for “Las formas del querer,” and winner of last year’s Christmas Award. With “Nosotros” by Aragonese Manuel Vilas.

From the world of politics, there was Barcelona Mayor Jaume Colboni; Minister of Culture Natalia Garriga; Universities Minister Joachim Nadal; And Secretary of State for Culture Jordi Martí.

Some of the political representatives who attended the plan presentation and Christmas awards (EFE/Marta Pérez)

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