Does lemon lower blood sugar? Science answers

Does lemon lower blood sugar?  Science answers

RESULTS: Some recent studies have analyzed the blood sugar benefits of lemon, a value that measures the amount of glucose in the blood.

Use anyone in the kitchen Lemon To flavor your dishes or to make some Delicious batches or herbal tea. This citrus fruit, in addition to its unmistakable taste, has a myriad of properties Nutrients and then, useful for our body.

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Lemon also has healing properties, for example, it is good Anti-inflammatories. However, many have wondered if the use of this fruit is good for health sugar level in blood. Some thought to answer this question education conducted by some experts.

A study of lemon experts, its juice can lower blood sugar levels

the Lemon It is definitely one of the best selling fruits in the world. It is a citrus fruit known since ancient times and used in the kitchen as a decoration recipesbut also for therapeutic purposes due to its properties therapeuticAnd AntibacterialAnd disinfectants And healing.

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Also, lemon is rich potassium And Vitamin CUseful substances for replenishing mineral salts in the body, for example in summer when sweating is more than in other seasons. But the citrus fruits in question seem to be able to reduce sugar level in bloodthat is, the indicator that measures concentration glucose in the blood. To highlight this, a study was recently conducted by some experts and published in 2021 onEuropean Journal of Nutrition. In detail, as reported by the editorial board Greenme.itScientists have proven that drinking an amount of 125 ml to Lemon juice with waterfall It can lead to a decrease in blood sugar by about 30%.

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In support of this study, some Japanese experts who studied the effects of lemon before eating were also analysed rice. Experts have come to the conclusion that the citric acid in lemon is able to inhibit A enzyme Found in saliva, which breaks down starch.

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An elevated blood sugar value can lead to developmentIncrease diabetes level in the bloodwhich is a factor that can cause the emergence of diseases such as diabetes.

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