4 million euros from Sodacarbo, Carbonia Research Center, USA Southern Sardinia

President Sotacarbo Mario Porcu and Netl Brian J. Anderson Director of Sotacarbo have signed the extension until June 2026.Cooperation agreement, Launched in 2018, Between the Island Company and the U.S. Department of Energy For the development of technologies for the production of low carbon electricity. Expansion that also includes research on hydrogen and green fuels.

“Netl’s commitment to continuing to be involved in the activities of the Sotacarbo Research Center For that Energy conversion management and development of low carbon, hydrogen and renewable fuel technologies, This is another step in the implementation of our center and in the development of technologies that will ensure Sardinia’s energy transformation. ”

The extension of the international agreement is owned by Netl and Sotacarbo, Sardinia Region and Enea. The Biden administration is in line with the desired strategic shift Issues related to energy and climate change. At key points, several hydrogen-related projects will be developed in the laboratories and plants of the Chotakarpo Research Center.

“The agreement signed today is a testament to the appreciation for the work done by our colleagues with Chotacarbo researchers, which signifies the most lucrative international cooperation we have among those going on,” he explains. Charles Taylor, Responsible for Netl’s international collaborations. “The financial liability in this deal is worth four million dollars And we hope that not only Sardinia, but also Italy and the United States will benefit from the efforts we make together on pure hydrogen.

On these issues, the US government last March chose to fund the Sotacarbo project in collaboration with the Electric Energy Research Institute (Epri) and Hamilton Maurer International (Hmi). Converting non-recyclable plastic waste into clean gaseous fuel, Characterized by high hydrogen content. A parallel project at Ebry Centers in Charlotte (North Carolina) and Palo Alto (California), Hudson (Illinois) and Little Canada (Minnesota) Carbonia Chottacarbo Research Center, All tests are performed there.

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The Sotacarbo-Netl agreement will fall within the framework defined by the bilateral agreement on research and energy between the United States and Italy, and will strengthen and enhance scientific cooperation between the two countries and enable the exchange of researchers.

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