Are weekend carnivals in danger?

Are weekend carnivals in danger?

he A step of turmoil Over Catalonia, it will leave some rain everywhere between the last hours of Friday and the early hours of Saturday, and from now on, it is expected to be a sunny day in the center and south of the principality, although you will have to be careful for winds. Rain, if any, should be in the Pyrenees and northeastern regions.

Temperatures will drop significantly on SaturdayA minimum of 4 degrees in Manresa, 1 degree in Berga, a maximum of 13 in the capital, Bagges, and 10 in Bergida.

Therefore, on the streets of the carnival, it will be necessary to be a little warm, but not suffer from the rain, Nor this Saturday afternoon in Berga, Solsona I Prominent, noticeable Nor Sunday in Manresa.

Strong winds in the southern part of Catalonia

As for the winds, the Catalonia Meteorological Service reported that the episode will begin on Saturday morning, and is expected to continue until the morning and Sunday morning. Winds blow west in the southern half of the country, with gusts that may exceed 100 km/ha in the southern end and between 70-90 km/ha in the rest of the affected areas. The areas under warning are: Montsia, Pécs Ebre, Tierra Alta, Ribeira d'Ebre, Sigría, Priorat, Alte Camp, Paix Camp, Tarragones, Conca de Barbera, Alte Penedes, Pécs Penedes, Anoia and Graf.

Be careful during the streets of Karnesholt

Civil Protection reiterates Safety tips for citizens on the streetsEspecially when the weather forecast is not up to date in some parts of the region. For any accident, the emergency number 112 is available to everyone.

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