January 31, 2023

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The United States provides Ukraine with a robot dog to clear areas abandoned by the Russians

The US Army will provideAnd one of his robot dogs To help the US non-governmental organization HALO Trust remove mines from areas in Ukraine previously occupied by Russian forces near the capital Kyiv: the US magazine Foreign Policy wrote. Will use HALO Trust Spot, Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog Capable of removing explosive chargessaid NGO Executive Director Chris Whatley.

Spot was successfully tested last year and will also be used in Ukraine for Neutralize the so-called bowler hats – or submunitions – from the cluster bombs that the Russians used in the country. In particular, the mechanical quad will have a robotic arm instead of the head, which will be able to pull unexploded ordnance in pits It contains other ammo, which will be detonated safely.

also Russians use robots in their military equipment. The most striking case is that of a nuclear-powered submarine Poseidon, an underwater robot About 20 meters long, capable of carrying out unmanned missions. be able descends to a depth of 1 kmHe will be able to make himself impregnable. According to Putin himself, “it can carry conventional or nuclear weapons,” while Russian state television simulated a launch capable of causing an atomic tsunami with waves up to 500 meters high that would wipe out the United Kingdom.

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