Belarus and Poland, it’s a war on immigrants. An extraordinary United Nations Security Council convened. Michel: “An EU-funded wall? Possible.” But the commission is backing down

Two groups of people have The Polish resistance broke out At the border they set foot in Europe, there were about fifty of them Arrested by border forces Warsaw, While Angela Merkel Who loves Russian President Vladimir Putin Asking him to put an end to government blackmail Alexander Lukashenko, NSEuropean Union come to an agreement to New sanctions against Belarus and the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel, reopens the game (which now appears closed) from European funding to build walls at the outer limits. It is now a full-fledged war that has broken out on the border between Poland and Belarus, and behind it is a hand Kremlin. There was a war on the flogging of thousands of refugees fleeing from Middle east And fromMiddle Asia who aspire to a better future in Europe. A crisis so disturbing thatHe. She decided to call Extraordinary Security Council.

with the Balkan Road Banned by the agreement between the European Union and Turkey And the Mediterranean, which intrigues people fleeing from itCentral Africa, Belarusian corridor, favored by Will Minsk To put the union under blackmail in response to the prescribed sanctions Persecution of political opponentsIn fact, it became the new channel for migratory flows towards the Old Continent. So much so that Warsaw decided today to increase the military force on the border by moving 15,000 more soldiers. While the European Union, as announced by the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, ready to activate the file Fifth package of sanctions against members of Lukashenko’s government.

Michel: “Financing the construction of a possible wall”
It constitutes a new front of concern for the 27 member states that, during the last period EU Migration Council, accepted the request of some countries, including Poland, to build walls on the external borders with funding from the European Union. The answer, in essence, was: “We can’t stop you from doing this, but Not with EU moneyA position in question today, according to the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel, according toFinancing is possible. It is a decision that must be made by the European Commission. But we will see what the outcome of the discussion will be. At the recent EU leaders summit we discussed this in depth. My impression is that we need to clarify what is possible if we can show solidarity on this important issue.”

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Michel was in Warsaw today to meet the Prime Minister Matthews Moraveki And at the press conference he justified his presence “to express the solidarity of the whole European Union towards Poland” for “a A sudden and brutal hybrid attack. We need to act decisively, based on our shared values. He added: “It is a dangerous situation, we need to move quickly and seriously. In the European Council we will have another discussion about measures that can protect the European Union.” We will talk about physical infrastructure and the possibility of financing it. I’m talking about the infrastructures that provide better border protection, especially the countries on the front line. I will also support this EU activity on the basis of core values ​​in the face of hybrid attacks.”

The committee, however, slows down, noting that “Chairman Von der Line It was clear“In contrast to the Commission’s position regarding the construction of walls funded by the European Union,” a Commission spokesperson clarified. “At the moment it does not appear that European resources are being used to build the barriers,” but emphasized how Berlamont Palace Financial support “for external border management, including border control infrastructures”.

Angela Merkel hears Putin. The goal: to convince Lukashenko of a truce
Although near the end of the long run in the German Chancellery, Angela Merkel He had to personally intervene to try to curb immigration pressures at the Polish border, given that most people arriving on the continent want to get to Germany to start a new life. So the head of the government Berlin He contacted Vladimir Putin, a historical ally of Minsk, with a request to exert influence on Lukashenko, specifying ‘Totally inhuman and unacceptable’ The spokesman said in a note that the “exploitation” of the migrants is underway Stephen Seibert.

Moravitsky: “State terrorism from Belarus”
Meanwhile, the Warsaw Prime Minister continues to strike hard against the Minsk government, noting that the situation Poland is facing today “is a manifestation of State terrorism. Alexander Lukashenko’s goal is destabilization of the whole European UnionHe gathers Michel’s help on the possibility of European funding to build a wall at the external borders, saying he is “convinced that Words will be followed by actions. The events of the past few days are a test for Poland and Europe, who “have to stand up” to Lukashenko’s new tactics of provocation. This is not an immigration crisis, but a political crisisThen he asked the EU Council to hold an extraordinary video summit (before the one already planned for December) to talk about additional “economic sanctions” against Belarus.

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For its part, the Polish executive received the Kremlin’s response, after accusations made yesterday in Moscow that the Morawiecki government is the real architect of the unscrupulous Minsk maneuver: “We consider the statements of the Polish Prime Minister completely irresponsible and Russia is responsible for the This situation. Dmitriy Peskov.

The European Union, an agreement was reached to impose new sanctions on Belarus
Morawiecki’s request for new sanctions against Belarus appears to have immediately found agreement with other member states, after the decision was made yesterday. Suspension of visa facilitation From members of Lukashenko’s government. I heard diplomatic sourcesforget In fact, they allowed that there should already be an agreement in principle between the leaders of the European government who will now have to draw up a new list of names and entities that will be discussed today at the Sherpa meeting. Work from tomorrow will be responsible for Quest (Working Group on Eastern Europe and Central Asia). The starting point for discussion is to register on Black list 29 people and the airline Bellavia. The release also confirmed the words of Borrell Al European Union Parliament, according to which on Monday, at the upcoming summit of EU foreign ministers, the activation of a fifth package of sanctions will be discussed.

Moreover Ursula von der Leyen Confirmed, speaking on TV msnbak before meeting Joe Biden In the White House, that we are “quickly expanding sanctions against the Lukashenko regime.” The Chairman of the Authority also declared that “We will look at the airlines Those who bring immigrants to Minsk with false promises, we will try to punish them because it is a means of facilitating human trafficking.” After the meeting with President Biden, it is not excluded that United States of America May participate in the conception of new sanctions against the Belarusian executive branch.

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Chaos at the border: Migrants break through the Polish military cordon
While the European Chancellery discusses measures to be taken to stop pressure on the Polish border, he continues humanitarian emergency on the border. two sets of immigrants They managed to break through the fence at night by crossing the border. According to the Polish Agency Door, He. She breakthrough took place in villages crinkie NS Bialooisa. Warsaw has More than 50 people were arrested, he toldAfp Tomas KrupaDistrict Police Spokesperson. me at least Two thousand instead of those imprisoned for days in the woods at the border Desperately trying to enter the European Union, with icy temperature NS Very little water and food supply, while military tension rises to guarded levels, between the deployed armies and Mutual accusations of “shooting in the air”.

For his part, Lukashenko denounced “the deployment of Polish regular forces on the border,” noting that his country “will not bow before the European Union.” Polish forces are accused of owning it Hit Some immigrants, specifically four people of ethnic origin Kurdish Arrested in Poland where they tried to seek protection refugee statusThe Belarusian border guard service said in a statement that it published pictures of four men, some wearing bloodstained clothes and one with wounds to their hands and covering their faces. “Judging by the numerous casualties on the bodies of migrants, the Polish security forces mistreated people and, using force, pushed them over a barbed wire fence on the border with Belarus,” the statement said.

In this tug-of-war, several hundred immigrants arrived, many of them from the Middle East with sponsored flights from Minsk, They are camped out in precarious tents near the Polish border village of Koznica, separated by a few meters and a barbed wire fence from the cordon of security forces in Warsaw. Among them, even different women and children In tragic conditions and temperatures below freezing at night. Since the beginning of the year, the Warsaw government recorded conservative and ultra-nationalist More than 23,000 irregular entries From the east, about half until October. Numbers not confirmed by FrontexWhich has been denied access to the Polish border for weeks.

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