Shocking video, a pregnant African-American woman was killed by police in Ohio –

Shocking video, a pregnant African-American woman was killed by police in Ohio –

Two police officers ordered her out of the car. That day, they intervened for another reason: a person was trapped in a car, in the same square. Outside a supermarket in Blendon Township, Ohio. A store employee tells them that some people have stolen products, and points to his black Lexus Takea Young, 21 years old. woman Allegedly, he stole bottles of alcohol. 2 children, 2 boys – at home, 3 and 6 years old – e Baby on the wayin the womb.

He turns the engine on, and the wheels turn to the right, as if Young wants to free himself from that checkpoint. Then the car starts moving in the other direction, towards the policeman in front of it. The other fellow was standing by the window, and had already drawn his gun when he heard the engine start. He sees the car coming towards him and hits his leg. shoot. One hit. deadly. A few hours later, Young and his daughter, who was due to be born in November, died in a nearby hospital.

It happened on August 24, and it wasn’t until Friday that the video of the 1,000th case of a black citizen being killed by police was released. Attorneys for the victim’s family objected to the delay, citing the need for authorities to process the footage and obscure parts of it to comply with state law. Pictures are the ones taken by Body cameraA small video camera is usually attached to the clients’ chest. The sequence is shocking From the point of view of the shooter.

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After the strike – which can be heard in the video but not shown – the car continued driving for about fifteen metres. The agents even chase her on foot Lexus does not hit the curb, Then I hit the brick wall of the supermarket. The door does not open, so one of the policemen broke the window. The doctor who was there arrives by chance, but the help is useless.

The names of the agents have not been disclosed at this time. Both are on administrative leave while the Ohio Attorney General’s office investigates the incident: This is the norm, in such cases. The video also shows that the shooter was indeed in the path of the car, according to Billedon Police Chief John Belford.

«We demand justice for two precious livessays Sean Walton, Young’s attorney. “For Takea and her unborn daughter. She was unarmed, and all of this is beyond justifiable Online fundraising to pay for the funeral From the woman she received about seven thousand dollars. The day after the tragedy, the family organized a private vigil in Columbus, the capital and city of the victim, with balloons and candles, and composed the words “Rip Takea”. Her grandmother, Nadine Young, described her granddaughter’s devotion to the family. “She had two young children, but she was so happy to have a baby girl. It should never have happened.”

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