Fincantieri, US Navy partner

Fincantieri, US Navy partner

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to fincantierithe world’s leading shipbuilder, partnership with the US Navy in the USA is strengthened.

With a $5.5 billion contract signed with the US Department of Defense, the company Marinette Marineheadquartered in and controlled by Wisconsin fincantieriThe US Navy will supply ten frigates constellation category.

Marine units, built on the Fremm platform, are considered the most technologically advanced; With technical solutions capable of providing the highest degree of innovation, in terms of cyber security and data analytics.

Through cooperation with the US Navy, which is considered the most powerful in the world, fincantieri She has the opportunity to provide technical expertise to her own company; To build the latest generation of marine units.

The first 10 Constellation-class frigates, assembled at Marinette shipyards since August 2022, will be delivered to the US Navy in 2026; Five hundred twenty-six million dollars.

USA and partnering with fincantieri:

The first stages of cooperation between the US Department of Defense and Marinette Marinebased in Wisconsin controlled by the company fincantieridating back to 2020.

fincantieri, the global leader in shipbuilding, with company knowledge able to respond to the design needs demanded by the US Navy; It has proven to be the best partner for the supply of new frigates for the expansion of the US fleet.

The agreement provided for the supply, by 2026 of five hundred and twenty-six million dollars, of the first Constellation-class frigate; Built at the American Shipyards in Marinette, Wisconsin.

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Under the terms of the contract, agreed to by the parties, the faculty of the US Department of Defense was supposed to start ordering nine more similar units of the Navy; with a total value of $5.5 billion.

Built on the Fremm platform, the new frigate is the most advanced naval unit in its class.

The approved technological solutions allow the Maritime Unit to operate with the highest degree of innovation in cybersecurity and data analytics; To meet the needs of the US Navy.

Partnership between the US Navy and fincantieriIt also extends to after-sales support for marine units.

The leading Italian shipbuilder will provide maintenance, modernization and crew training services to the US Navy for the new frigates.

Constellation, innovation fincantieri:

With the new Constellation-class frigates, built on the Fremm platform, fincantieri It asserts its leadership in shipbuilding also in the military sector.

Equipped with a hull of one hundred and fifty-one meters in length and a displacement that can range from six thousand one hundred and twelve to seven thousand four hundred tons, depending on the type of weapons supplied, the new frigates represent the most advanced naval units in their class.

The propulsion system for the new marine units is a hybrid system consisting of a gas turbine, two propulsion electric motors and four diesel generators for marine service.

To ensure maximum safety and operability, each marine unit is equipped with an auxiliary propulsion unit.

The new marine units it produces fincantieriensuring maximum operating flexibility with the latest onboard technology; Allowing frigates to operate in various international scenarios.

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Fincantieri Marine Groupthe leader in the USA:

The American Shipbuilding Industry, per fincantieriis one of the most important.

Italian leader, through Fincantieri Marine Group, is one of the major shipbuilders in the United States of America; With important cooperation aspects in both the civil and military sectors.

Company mission Fincantieri Marine Groupabroad divided into three production centers:

  • Fincantieri Marinette Marine:

A shipyard specializing in the design and construction of military ships.

  • Shipbuilding in Fincantieri Bay:

Specialized in building, repairing and converting commercial ships and offshore units.

Site specializing in small and medium production for the US Coast Guard.

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