The new BMW i Vision Dee 2023, the prototype that leaves you speechless as the basis for all future SUVs of the brand

The new BMW i Vision Dee 2023, the prototype that leaves you speechless as the basis for all future SUVs of the brand

see d It is a BMW prototype that was developed to explore future possibilities for automotive digitization. This show car aims to provide an unfiltered user experience, and to bring out the human side of interaction. The infotainment system is innovative, consisting of windshield and side windows.

Some parts of the bodywork can be used to transmit animations, graphics or text, fully digitally integrating into the driving experience. This cutting-edge approach aims to redefine the relationship between driver and vehicle, making interaction more immersive and engaging. Let’s explore the details:

  • So the 2023 BMW i Vision Dee is absolutely stunning
  • BMW i Vision Dee 2023, important perspectives

So the 2023 BMW i Vision Dee is absolutely stunning

The 2023 BMW i Vision Dee explores how digitization can enrich the in-car experience. Consider the perspective of a increasingly automated driving And based on artificial intelligence, the integration of virtual reality into the car is being considered. It can allow passengers to have imaginative experiences while the car is in a queue or in slow traffic situations.

The windshield is The main means of accessing this new dimension. The avatar becomes the key to accessing these experiences. BMW is considering how to introduce this new technology into future models, but it already recognizes the untapped potential of the windshield and intends to exploit it more and more to improve human-machine interaction in a smooth and seamless way.

that it A marked change from recent models, including those from other automakers, which feature a long multi-screen panel that runs across the dashboard and runs through commands, menus, sections, and apps. BMW goes further, seeking to innovate the way passengers interact with the vehicle and experience the driving experience.

BMW i Vision Dee 2023, important perspectives

The BMW i Vision Dee 2023 offers a Advanced display system and interaction between vehicle occupants. The windshield plays a key role in this experience, allowing information and content to be viewed without taking your eyes off the road. The head-up display provides the ability to adjust the amount of information displayed at four levels, from virtual to augmented reality to pure analogue. These functions are controlled via the Mixed Reality slider, which is a touch control integrated into the dashboard, and features a minimalist design.

Despite the widespread digitization, the BMW i Vision Dee Keeps the passenger at the center of the driving experience. The pedals and steering wheel are retained in the traditional configuration, allowing the driver to maintain full control of the driving operations. The steering wheel has an unusual design with spokes also arranged at the 12 o’clock position, as there is no rear-mounted instrument panel to display.

The i Vision Dee’s body shape could hint at a future renewal of BMW’s model range. This prototype focuses on the arrival of the Neue Klasse platform, a promising architecture that will set new standards for Digitization, electrification and sustainability for the brand. The actual launch of the Neue Klasse platform is scheduled for 2025 and was announced on a 3 Series model.

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