Big or compact? The choice reveals your personality

Big or compact?  The choice reveals your personality

Do you prefer a compact or large car? Your car preference says a lot about your personality.

When evaluating whether or not to buy a car, many aspects are taken into account. The first is obviously the economic one, given that each of us has a different budget available and Possibility of purchase Which varies according to the monthly expenses that you actually have to face or according to your business earnings.

Your choice will say a lot about who you really are –

The second aspect that we usually evaluate relates to utility: what do we need the car for? Should we mainly use it in the city? Is it for long trips? Do we need it to work? um is about A “representative” car? These two factors unite because on the one hand we will choose a sedan, city car or SUV according to our needs, and on the other hand we will choose the model and make it according to our possibilities.

The same goes for choosing new and used, electrophoresis or combustion. Obviously, the ideal option is to buy an electric car that has just been introduced to the market, but since the cost of such cars is prohibitive, many may have to opt for a used and possibly gasoline-powered model.

Which car do you prefer? Compact or SUV?

If you are also thinking of changing your car or adding another one to your existing car fleet, these arguments are probably not new to you and you will certainly also face the issue of financing, which makes you aware of this. What are the odds that in your hands. However, today’s test works out which car you prefer in the absolute sense.

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Are you more of the Mini Cooper or RAV type? –

So clear your mind of all the considerations made in recent months and think about the car models that are on the market On a purely perfect level. Which cars do you like most as a model? Do you prefer a sedan, coupe or spyder and then a “traditional” car, or are you too fond of the idea of ​​riding in an SUV, crossover or jeep as fashionable now? We understand that there is a risk that you will like both possibilities, but you will have to choose by indicating the first thing that comes to mind: do you prefer a compact car or a large car? Here’s what this selection says about you.

compact car

Those who prefer compact cars are people who don’t care much about appearance. She usually lends a lot Focus instead on the substance and usefulness of things, and focus so much on the details – even the smallest ones – because you want everything to work perfectly. Sometimes this idealism of yours makes you fall into the cycle of excessive punctuality, and this can be harmful to yourself above all, because you are unable to forgive yourself for a mistake and you cannot postpone when something is not what you assumed.

big car

On the other hand, those who prefer large flashy cars usually have one Someone who likes to be the center of attentionShow up and see others. You are people of undoubted charm, capable of making a huge impact on others, with a magnetic personality and character, but you also know how to be self-centered. The danger you run into is precisely this, that is, not paying attention to the needs of those around you, including the people you love.

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