There are a lot of new offers on PS4 and PS5 games on the PlayStation Store.

There are a lot of new offers on PS4 and PS5 games on the PlayStation Store.

there are many New offers on PS4 and PS5 games on PlayStation Storeas part of a promotion that started in the past few hours and which does not have an official page yet. However, we know that the discounts will be valid until July 18 and include nearly 1,800 products.

What is the most interesting? While waiting for the inevitable in-depth analysis, we did a very quick selection based on the history of each individual game, and a small but interesting selection emerged: let’s see.

Our advice

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been released. First promotionin conjunction with the latest update, so you can buy it with the benefit of a 30% discount on 52.49 euros Instead of 74.99 euros.

Have you read the Indika review? The adventure set in an alternative 19th century Russia will have us in control. A young nun discovers she can talk to the devil. Personally, he sets out to discover the world he lives in outside his monastery.

The title developed by Oddmeter is also on its first ever sale and is therefore yours to own. Lowest price yetthat it 19.99 euros Instead of €24.99: a 20% discount that is useful if you have already decided to buy the game.

The discount on Ghostrunner 2 is definitely bigger, as you can take it home with you. Half price: 19.99 euros Instead of 39.99 euros, in this case, and considering that in May, the cyberpunk action One More Level was available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Finally, there is little doubt about immortality, Narrative Experience Signed by Sam Barlow Which will take us into an exciting search between three missing films: With new trailers, the game is available on 10.99 euros Instead of €19.99 if you’re a PS Plus subscriber.

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