All amounts for 2022

All amounts for 2022

What are the amounts and income limits related to pensions and total and partial civil disability allowances? Let’s see them together, considering the revaluation estimated in 2022 at 1.7% over last year.

from this year Increases On the amounts of pensions and allowances granted to civilians with disabilitiesIncluding blind and deaf as a result of reevaluation Which, according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, stabilized in 2022 with a positive rate of 1.7%.

Let’s see in detail all the amounts that are valid for this year.

Invalid Civil Pensions 2022: Receivables and Amounts

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The Civil disability pension They are identified in the presence of two Requirements:

  • The first is my body, because it is necessary for a person to have one Physical or mental weakness Like engaging a Reduce the ability to work. As a percentage, you must have a recognized disability to be eligible for a civil disability benefit between 74% and 100%;
  • The second is of the type of income, because civil disabled pensions are due only to those who They do not have a high income (The limit changes for those in the 74-99% disability range compared to those with a complete disability.)

After reassessment, effective January 1, 2022 i income limits rose to:

  • 5005.94 EUR partial disability allowance;
  • 17271.19 EUR for total disability allowance.

L ‘amount of entitlement, which is the same for both partial and total handicapped, currently stands at €291.95recognized for a period of 13 months.

Other disability pensions

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regarding Pensions for the partial and total blindWith a reassessment of the amounts of care benefits recognized for them, they were updated as follows:

  • pension Partially or completely blindIf he is hospitalized, €291.97with an income limit of 17,271.19 euros;
  • pension Absolute blindAnd the €315.44always up to a maximum of € 17,271.19;
  • special allowance Blind twentiesAnd the €217.42;
  • Blindness allowanceAnd the €954.30.
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There is no income limit for the granted monthly bonus Workers with sickle cell disease or thalassemia majoramounting to 2022 €523.82.

Finally, with reference to100% civil disability escort bonusNo income limits confirmed, the amount increased from January 1, 2022 to 528.94 €.

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