“13 dead and at least 3 missing” – Corriere.it

“13 dead and at least 3 missing” – Corriere.it
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It is not yet clear what led to the fire. Mayor of Murcia: Only 3 bodies have been identified, DNA needs to be obtained for the others. The nightclub burned down in 2009. The Murcia region declared three days of mourning

Mom, I Love You, We’re Dying: The Desperate Message, a voicemail message, sent by a victimfire It broke out this morning, at dawn, in a nightclub in Murcia, in southern Spain. A letter addressed to his mother. “I love you,” the 28-year-old says..

At least 12 people died with her – no Italians among the victims – and four others were poisoned in the fire Teatre nightclub in Las Atalayas area. While there are three missing. The woman’s father played the audio to reporters: He sent a voice to her mother saying what was happening, she was leaving. Screaming can be heard, They couldn’t breatheJairo said, tears cutting into his voice.

In the evening, when the fire was extinguished and the authorities assessed the victims, the mayor of Murcia announced the final death toll: 13 bodies had been recovered, of which only 3 – the mayor confirmed – were identified. To identify the other ten, DNA testing will be needed. So there are three missing people, but at the moment no other human remains have been found in the area affected by the fire.

A party was also held at the place on the occasion of the boy’s thirtieth birthday, according to the local newspaper View of MurciaThis was in the presence of about twenty people from his family of Nicaraguan origins, which immigrated to Spain about fifteen years ago.

fire It gutted the ceilingThe fire spread quickly everywhere and was put out with difficulty by firefighters.

Vice President Yolanda Díaz spoke on behalf of the government in X: We are following the news of the tragedy in Murcia with concern. My love to all those affected and my condolences to their families.

Disco also caught fire in 2009

This is not the first time a fire has broken out at the nightclub: in June 2009 some cables in the facade caught fire, forcing the venue to be evacuated. The Murcia region declared three days of mourning.

precedents of Zaragoza and Madrid

This morning’s fire is the deadliest recorded in Spain since the tragedy in 1990 At the Flying nightclub in ZaragozaWhere 43 people died. The largest Spanish nightclub tragedy occurred in Madrid, on December 17, 1983, when fire destroyed the Alcal 20 building, causing one death. 81 peopleMost of them are very young. This disaster sparked a political storm, as investigations showed that what increased the severity of the disaster was the malfunction of the lighting system and the closing of the security door. After this fire, Spain approved several regulations to increase safety in buildings.

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