Israel – Hamas is at war, today’s news | Biden alongside Israel: “The Gaza massacre is the fault of others.” British Prime Minister Sunak arrives today

Israel – Hamas is at war, today’s news |  Biden alongside Israel: “The Gaza massacre is the fault of others.” British Prime Minister Sunak arrives today

• It is the twelfth day of the war: at least 3,400 Palestinians, 1,400 Israelis, and 199 hostages have been killed.
• Explain the history of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.
• Biden met with Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and said: “It appears that Israel was not the one that struck the hospital.”
• Explosion in Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City: hundreds killed. Hamas accuses Israel and Tel Aviv accuses the Palestinians and publishes videos and satellite images.
• One of the three Italian-Israeli missing after the Hamas attack died.
• Two Hamas leaders were killed in an Israeli raid.

06.48 am – Arrests in the West Bank: A senior Hamas official was also arrested

A wave of arrests overnight across the West Bank. These measures sparked a series of clashes with dozens of young people. Among those detained is a senior Hamas official in the West Bank, according to Palestinian reports carried by Haaretz: Israeli forces arrested Sheikh Hassan Yousef at his home in Beitunia.

06.16 am – Xi: “China is with Egypt for greater stability in the Middle East.”

Opening of a direct bridge between Beijing and Cairo. China hopes to work with Egypt to achieve “greater stability” in the Middle East, amid tensions in the region over the conflict between Israel and Hamas. This is what President Xi Jinping said when he met with Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly today in Beijing, as part of the latest commitments related to the third Belt and Road Initiative Forum, which concluded yesterday. “China is ready to enhance cooperation with Egypt and instill greater certainty and stability in the region and the world,” the Chinese leader said in the report presented by the state-run CCTV network.

04.44 am – Biden: “No to American intervention if Hezbollah attacks, but “let us evaluate.”

04.01 am – Attacking Israeli and Hezbollah targets in the south

The Israeli army says it is currently striking Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen channel reported that air strikes targeted two villages in the south of the country in the early hours of this morning: missiles were fired at Kafr Shuba and near Al-Adisa.

In a statement reported by local media, the Israeli army said that among the sites that were targeted tonight was an observation point in southwestern Lebanon, from which anti-tank fire was fired at the Israeli border town of Rosh Naqoura yesterday.

03.47am – Sunak will be in Israel today

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office said that he will travel to Israel today, before traveling to other countries in the region, in an attempt to calm the conflict between Israel and Gaza. “The attack on Al-Ahli Hospital must be a watershed moment for leaders across the region and around the world to work together to avoid a further dangerous escalation of the conflict,” Sunak said in a statement. “I will ensure that the UK is at the forefront of these efforts.”

03.15 am – “Israeli raid on a Syrian site in the south”

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israel launched an air strike on a regime military site in southern Syria, a few days after an attack on Aleppo airport in the north. “Explosions rang out in Quneitra Governorate after an Israeli attack on a Syrian army position,” said the UK-based NGO, which has a large network of sources in the war-torn country. The organization said that sounds of explosions were also heard in the Golan Heights (south), without specifying the source of the shots.

02.36am – Biden’s address to the nation on Israel and Ukraine this evening

Joe Biden will address the nation Thursday evening on “the response to Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel and Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine.” The White House announced this, confirming that Biden will speak from the Oval Office at eight o’clock in the evening local time.

(Written by Davide Frattini) As he descends the steps of the presidential plane, he embraces Benjamin Netanyahu. He came to embrace an entire country, came to take a closer look at photos of the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists at dawn twelve days ago. After the hospital massacre in the southern Gaza Strip, Joe Biden asked his Israeli allies to also inform him of the information collected so far.

– US President Biden embraces Prime Minister Netanyahu upon his arrival in Tel Aviv

02:00 – Egypt: “Green light for Mustadam’s passage of humanitarian aid through Rafah.”

Egypt announced the “sustained” passage of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, while hundreds of humanitarian trucks are still parked in front of the gates of the Strip, which is subjected to continuous Israeli bombing. Presidential spokesman Ahmed Fahmy said in a press statement, without specifying a date, that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and US President Joe Biden agreed to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing in a sustainable manner.

01.47 am – From Ramallah to Beirut General mobilization: Attacks on embassies and Abu Mazen confronts them

(By Francesco Battistini, Correspondent) “We are all Barghouti!” At ten in the morning we cry over Gaza and tear gas. On the keffiyeh to cover the eyes. Raise your fists, throw a stone, and do not hide your hand. «Revenge, revenge! O Hamas, bomb Tel Aviv!…” Tires are burned at the Qalandiya checkpoint, which was once the gate to Jerusalem. The hospital massacre transports hundreds of people from Piazza dei Leoni: plumes of smoke rise, and shops close their doors. Years of uprisings, fires, and operations Lots of gunfire, and lots of suicide bombers, defacing the great Marwan Barghouti mural. There’s no more traffic here. Security reasons. The eternally failed Palestinian leader in the West Bank is nothing but a big face painted on the wall, with his hands tied around his wrists, and the organization’s design. ( …)

01.24 am – The day after the hospital massacre at the site of the explosion: “They were taking refuge there”

«More than a thousand displaced people were in the yard At 6:59 pm that day, the missile exploded with full force. A cloud of fire and shrapnel left no hope for those closest to them.

01.01 am – Netanyahu: “We received huge military aid from Biden.”

“In President Joe Biden’s visit today, we achieved something momentous, which will make an enormous contribution to our security: massive military aid to Israel, aid of unprecedented magnitude,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a recorded message to the nation. “With regard to the hostages – he added – I made three things clear to President Biden: I requested the return of the hostages, and we are working together to return them to their homeland by any means possible; Until that happens, we demand that the hostages be visited by the Red Cross; Finally, we will not allow humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, to go to Gaza from our lands.”

00.49 am – 3,478 casualties in Gaza

The death toll in Gaza is increasing, as the number of victims, according to a statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health today, reached 3,478 people, while more than 12,000 people were injured.

01.18 AM – “The video proves that the missile that hit the hospital was Palestinian.”

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari posted a video clip and satellite images depicted “the area surrounding the hospital before and after the failed missile launch by the terrorist organization.” Islamic Jihad“Hajri writes.

00.05 am – One of the three Italian-Israeli missing after a Hamas attack dies

Eviatar Moshe Kipnis, 65, one of three Italian Israelis who have not been heard from since the October 7 Hamas attack, has died. He had disappeared from Kibbutz Be’eri with his wife, Liliach Lehavron, whose fate is not yet known.

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