Impeachment, lockdowns, assaults, and scandals: Why the United States seems doomed to chaos

Impeachment, lockdowns, assaults, and scandals: Why the United States seems doomed to chaos

isolation And close They are strict procedures, well stipulated and regulated by United States law. With the necessary modificationsThe same applies to Conspiracies And AssaultsCrimes predicted by American justice. However, no constitutional medicine seems able to protect the federal government from scandals and conspiracies. However, if all these exceptions were exactly that, they were now gradually transformed into a new form of political liturgy. There is no doubt, indeed, that the work of the American machine has now been delegated High pressure tools It is no longer according to constitutional custom.

Not only isolation: Shared justice, scandals, and damage to the image

It is a historical transformation so far-reaching that it cannot be linked solely to their quarrels Joe Biden And Donald Trump. Or rather, the two presidents, who lived and are living all these exceptions, are a clear manifestation of one of these exceptions A historic transformation of the presidencyFrom the parties as well as from the American people. The first major shift concerns the nature of the White House, which was transformed from a small office symbolizing national unity into a war machine. Interventionist presidencies, such as those of Eisenhower and Reagan, tended to make this construct less problematic, but later administrations such as Johnson or Nixon disproportionately expanded the device, indicating the danger of authoritarian presidencies. Thus, when a president is tempted to overstep his traditional powers, his enemies in Congress are willing to ride the leverisolation.

The latter, regardless of factual evidence or otherwise, has become a familiar tool, ready for use in the face of any clash between the majority and the minority in the face of a fateful issue, internal or external. Even in the case of Nixon, for example, one of the most widely accepted hypotheses is that…isolation He was called to stop the project Imperial presidency More than the story Watergate. This also became a political tool and not just a legal tool, which is evident from the fact that all the cases, promoted by the enemies of the White House, sometimes red, sometimes blue, ended in nothing. Not only that, but from Nixon onward, this tool was activated/released on specific deadlines, partly hollowing out the sanctity of the institution itself.

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Wanting to expand the discussion to Shared justiceIt seems that this too has now conceded, surrendering to the political function towards presidents and most prominent politicians. In this case too, beyond the presence or absence of conclusive evidence, many of the investigations appear to have been conducted on command at rather sensitive moments for American democracy, leaving voters stunned by the disturbing coincidences of some of the disturbances. The same goes for Scandals And so on: Lovers, private vices and a questionable past seem to work better than any form of parliamentary obstruction. In the age of consensus, they harm something deeper than political value:…picture.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Electoral uncertainties

And what appears to be a failure is, beyond the usual tools associated with the lame duck, the physiological hypothesis, especially in the midterm elections, is undoubtedly the physiological hypothesis. Certainty of the election result. Not only because elections are often won by a margin or by a narrow margin, but also because the baroque machinery of the Electoral College often rewards candidates who do not receive a majority of the popular vote. This increases voters’ feelings of fraud, and that nothing is counted in the mechanism of large numbers.

Capitol Hill

This is also why the recent elections witnessed a series of accusations Fraud and fraudopening disputes that last for weeks: he knows something about them George W. Bush Jr who saw himself awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court, weeks after the election, in December 2000. Exactly twenty years later, not only was election fraud invoked, but Supporters Donald Trump would have physically blocked the certification of the handover to Joe Biden, in the infamous attack Capitol Hill. What is striking about this latest episode is its uniqueness, as it broke a taboo such as the sanctity of the US Capitol, something that everyone was willing to believe was impossible, and instead could happen again, which is exacerbated by a combination of political, popular and popular claims. . Crime and conspiracy theories. We must remember, in fact, that Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, Also known as jack “the shaman”He was, and still is, a Trumpian and a convinced follower of him QAnon. Tools and reactions that also and above all serve to mobilize The forgotten menwhich according to the condition e background They do not have the tools to rationally access political culture and feel abandoned by institutions.

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Budget as an instrument of power

Today, US presidents have become powerful figures, at home but above all abroad, given the position Washington has occupied in the world since World War II. The signing of every treaty, for example, required the approval of the Senate by a qualified majority, but presidents, after the end of the war, used to resort to Executive agreements, are created by the executive branch only and do not require legislative approval. What tool did Congress have left? Take advantage of him Budget strength: When this happens frequently, an image emerges in which the Presidency emerges with broken bones from the clash with the two chambers. But it also attests to the weakness of Congress, which has had to use force to make its voice heard: this inability to exercise real leadership can go back to the 1960s, when the legislative Congress surrendered to the dominance of the executive branch.

Developments of the past century mean that budgetary authority has now been delegated to the executive branch or to independent agencies dotting Washington and exercising all sorts of functions. Ironically, nowadays it is the president who must prepare the budget and submit it to the House of Representatives and the Senate. However, rooms must be approved A Budget decision Which sets spending limits and serves as guidance. Delegation is often attacked as a violation of the separation of powers, as in Justice Brandeis’s famous dissent in the ruling Myers v. United States 1926. And when there is no agreement? He is called close, This pushed the budget battle to the brink, as the presidency became a hostage of Congress and was forced to cut off its projects. Just like these days.

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