Steep Grade Ahead: Coaches, Players and the Folly of Summative Assessment

Photo by Ed Uthman on Flickr

Grades. Basketball fans love to give them. We like to grade trades and drafts and a team’s offseason moves and the first half of a coach’s season and players after a game based on their contributions. We tick off the… Continue Reading


Give Me Some Raptor News: Jonas Valanciunas Dunks On Lebron James (Video)


Slam dunks are cool. That’s pretty much the consensus opinion among fans (as well as non-fans) of basketball. Everyone loves to watch players fly through the air – briefly winning the ongoing battle against gravity – before slamming the ball… Continue Reading


15-Footer, 11/5/13: Free Associating The National Basketball Association


15-Footer time! Can we interest you in some free association? Continue Reading