On Moral Victories


Rumblings that the Wolves loss was a ‘good loss’, a high-character loss, or what have you, started appearing on Twitter. See, the Clippers won but they didn’t deserve it. As all things Internet go, an ensuing counter-argument developed: In essence, the team that outscores the other team is the winner. No exceptions. Continue Reading


Lion Face Lemon Face 11/20/13: Dirk Nowitzki Is Still Awesome


It was a busy night in the NBA, which makes my job all the more difficult because I have to sieve through all the amazing-ness to figure out what was the best. Or funniest. Or silliest. I’m not complaining. In fact, it makes my morning a lot more fun because I have an excuse to go through twitter, watch games and all the highlights. Otherwise, I’d have to do something like chores. Ugh. Chores. Continue Reading