Furnishing the living room, Diego Tomás's golden rules of courtesies for guests

Furnishing the living room, Diego Tomás's golden rules of courtesies for guests

How to furnish the living room flawlessly? easy! Follow Diego's Golden Rules of Guest Courtesy and try these ideas.

the The living room is the heart of the houseA place of relaxation and conviviality that undoubtedly requires special attention when choosing Of furniture. Precisely for this reason, it is good to respect some basic rules, first and foremost in designing the protagonist of this room: the sofa! And Diego Thomas Come to help us with Some useful tips.

But not only sofas: let's also find out how some doctrines revolveLiving room decor Can be easily reviewed. correct! It's time to challenge conventions and Embrace new ideas. thus.

Living room furnishing: between flexible solutions and innovation in choices

Let's start immediately with our country A booklet on how to furnish a living roombetween creative choices and new rules, starting with the many possible provisions in Couch:

Innovative ideas to furnish your living room flawlessly

Innovative ideas to flawlessly furnish your living room – Designmag.it

  1. Visual dialogue
    Placing one sofa facing each other creates an intimate atmosphere and Perfect for conversation. In the absence of two sofas, it is possible to choose one or two armchairs, enriching the area among other things with An extra touch of relaxation.
  2. Planning flexibility
    L-shaped, or horseshoe-shaped, if space allows, arrangements can redefine space, create dedicated nooks and stimulate socializing.
  3. Chairs as an element of diversity
    Chairs can serve as Wildcard itemsand give the green light to Versatile arrangementswhich always maintains our energy and dynamism Living room. unique Golden base You should always keep in mind: Always allow eye contact between people guests!
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Innovation in design choices

Instead of the traditional coffee table in front of the sofa, why not try a stylish pouffe? This option adds a A touch of originality It makes the space more diverse and lively.

  • Highlight instead of correct

Each space has its own PeculiaritiesSo why don't we highlight it instead of correcting it? For example, a sofa, maybe design And with long lines placed in a living room with a long, even plan, you will emphasize and enhance this feature, creating Truly stunning visual effect!

That's right: their presence is no longer necessary. If you don't have privacy issues, and the window is particularly beautiful, and why not offer a stunning view, why not show it? Remove the curtains In some places in our living room it can Open and illuminate the spaceAnd establishing direct contact with the outside.

In short, as we have seen, embrace freedom and innovation in… Design choicesWe can hardly express what we have a personality-You can create Living room Unique, welcoming and full of character: seeing is believing!

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