Epic Games Store: Free game on December 31 available, download link

Epic Games Store: Free game on December 31 available, download link

Let's continue with our daily gifts Legendary Games Store In this much-appreciated Christmas initiative by the platform: from now on, it is possible to download the free video game for December 31, 2023that Ghost runner.

According to tradition, you have the opportunity to Add the game to your Epic Games Store library by 5pm tomorrow. Once claimed, the title in question will remain in your digital library, without any kind of restrictions or additional cost. Just open the official launcher and access the free games section or download it at this is the address.

What is Ghostrunner?

The Dark Dharma Tower is where the Ghostrunner is set

It takes place in a wonderful global setting cyberpunkGhostrunner is a first-person “slasher” action game, featuring a high rate of frenetic and “hardcore” action, as defined by the developers themselves, All In! games.

One of the distinctive features of Ghostrunner is the fact that it is located entirely inside a massive vertical structure Dharma TowerWhich represents the last refuge for humanity after the catastrophe that destroyed the Earth.

This sets up a specific progression setting, leading us to climb the tower starting from the lowest, darkest floors to reach the highest areas closest to power, seeking revenge on the tyrannical Keymaster Mara, who rules the tower with an iron fist and little respect for human life.

The gameplay offers a mixture of combat styles, relying above all on the powerful single-mole katana sword in the possession of the protagonist, with which it is possible to attack and dodge bullets. You can learn more about the title in question in our Ghostrunner review.

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