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Editors Emeritus

Matt Moore (@HPbasketball) is a blogger for’s Eye on Basketball blog. He both loves and detests the sound of his own voice. Posts | Archive

Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) is a New York lawyer and writer. He is an Editor Emeritus of Hardwood Paroxysm and the HPBasketball Network.. PostsArchive

Amin Vafa (@AminNBA) grew up in Cleveland, lives in DC, and somehow still manages to love watching professional basketball. He also covers the Wizards as an Associate Editor for Bullets Forever and was once captured in the background of a Jordan Crawford Instagram picturePostsArchive


Ian Levy (@HickoryHigh) writes about basketball from the wilds of Southern Vermont. Posts | Archive


Contributing Editors

Steve McPherson (@steventurous) is an editor for Hardwood Paroxysm and his writing has appeared at Grantland, The Classical, A Wolf Among Wolves, TrueHoop, Complex, Narratively, Polygon and elsewhere. PostsArchive

Jordan White (@JordanSWhite) loves and lives to write. He marvels at every Ricky Rubio pass and cries after every Brandon Roy highlight. He grew up in Kansas, where, contrary to popular belief, there is running water, electricity, and no singing munchkins. He is the Cormac McCarthy of basketball writing. Not because he’s a good writer, but because he’s terrible with apostrophes. PostsArchive

Scott Rafferty (@crabdribbles) is from England, but doesn’t like soccer, tea or crumpets. Instead, he spends all his time following the NBA and D-League, so he’s not your average Brit. You can find him on Hardwood Paroxysm, Ridiculous Upside, and Crab Dribbles. Posts

Jack Maloney (@jackhaveitall) enjoys making jokes on Twitter dot com, Kanye, watching basketball and writing about basketball. You can find his words across the HP Basketball Network. Posts

Seth Partnow (@SethPartnow) lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife, daughter and dog. Despite being born and raised in Alaska and moving back by choice in his late 20s, Seth hates the outdoors and the cold. He also writes for The Washington Post’s #FancyStats blog among other places. Posts

Matthew Smith (@smitty861) is an editor for the HP Basketball Network. A New York City native, Matt has a recurring nightmare in which the Knicks trade a first round pick, and two second rounders, so they could pay Andrea Bargnani $11 million per year for two years. He loves all things Porzingis, and he still believes that Thanasis Antetokounmpo can be a rotation player in the NBA.


Your Friendly, Neighborhood Bloggers

Adam Mares (@Adam_Mares) is a Colorado native and one of the best low-post passers in the NBA blog-o-sphere. He loves road trips, reverse-pivot post moves, and John Wall’s skip passes to the corner.  He hates nostalgia, one-legged running hook shots, and hack-a-shaq.  In addition to Hardwood Paroxysm, Adam writes about the Denver Nuggets for Denver Stiffs and NBA analytics for Nylon Calculus. Posts

Andy Liu (@AndyKHLiu) currently lives in San Francisco, went to school in San Diego, and doesn’t want to admit it but realizes that SD is a tad more awesome. He turned down graduate school to get a real job and can’t figure out if he regrets it or not. But at least he gets to write about the NBA for Hardwood Paroxysm and SBNation (Golden State of Mind). If you didn’t know, the Golden State Warriors won the championship and I will never write about any other team from now until eternity. Or something like that.  Posts

Austin Peters (@apete1993) grew up in Middle of a Corn Field, Illinois, honing his craft as a lights out shooter in the driveway. If the hoop were eight feet instead of ten, he’d be an All-American. And that’s why you’ll find him writing for Hardwood Paroxysm, Upside and Motor, At The Hive, Pelican Debrief and his own personal blog as well. Posts

Brian Schroeder (@Cosmis) was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As far as he knows, he’s the only person there who watches the NBA. He became a Bulls fan during the Marcus Fizer era, and he likes James Johnson more than you do. He watches far too much television and plays far too many video games, both of which he’s more than willing to complain about to anyone who will listen. PostsArchive

Bryan Gibberman (@Gibberman10) is host of the The Podium Game and The Amateur Hour podcasts. He also helps out with Suns coverage for and Bright Side of the Sun.  Bryan is an annoying Knicks fan and long time defender of J.R. Smith. Posts

Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) is a Philadelphia native who is always just talkin’ about practice. You can find his work at Hardwood Paroxysm, BBALLBREAKDOWN, Bleacher Report, Vantage Sports, Today’s Fastbreak and Hoop76 of the ESPN TrueHoop Network. #trusttheprocess. Posts

Caleb Nordgren (@chisportsguy41) is a proud Chicagoan still adjusting to life away from the big city. He’s a journalism student at Michigan State, a contributor at Bulls by the Horns, and can be found at any given time on Twitter, talking about basketball and generally being sarcastic. Posts

Chris Barnewall (@ChrisBarnewall) spent his years watching shuttles and swimming at the beach in Central Florida. Now a student at UCF, he spends his days watching an unhealthy amount of basketball. When not watching basketball, he’s either playing video games, or tweeting horrible jokes. His writing can also be found at sites such as The Friendly Bounce, Pelican Debrief, and At The Hive. Posts

Chris Manning (@cwmwrites) is a staff writer at Hardwood Paroxysm. A senior at Ohio University, Chris is also the Web Editor for Backdrop magazine, an editor at Fear the Sword and a contributor to Hustle Belt and The Athens News. He also doesn’t read nearly enough. Posts

Daniel Lewis (@minutemandan) is a Hardwood Paroxysm contributor. He is a graduate of the Brigham Young University, and has experience working in the media industry. Married up, enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports and playing them when he can. Daniel is a proponent of charges, screens, and the alley-oop.  Posts

Daniel Rowell (@danieljrowell) is a writer, illustrator, and bank shot specialist based in Chicago. He is a co-founder of and still waiting to be rescued from DeSagana Diop Island.

Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux) has covered the league since 2009, hosts the weekly RealGM Radio podcast, frequently co-hosts the Dunc’d On Basketball Podcast and writes about the NBA for the Sporting News, RealGM, Warriors World and many other outlets. You can also like his Facebook page and subscribe to his weekly e-mail digest. Posts

David Murphy (@davem234) grew up on Boston’s South Shore and in California, but now lives in Austin. All these years of moving around have crippled his sense of identity. His blog Searching for Slava has only added to the circle of confusion. He has an unhealthy obsession with rewriting the last lines of any post. Posts

David Ramil (@dramil13) is a writer whose words about basketball have been published on The Cauldron, SB Nation, FanSided and others. He is the current editor of Thunderous Intentions. Posts

David Vertsberger (@_Verts) cares a little too much about basketball topics that few others discuss and basketball in general, probably. He also runs Brooklyn’s Finest of ESPN’s Truehoop Network. Posts

This season marks Derek James’ (@DerekJamesNBA) fourth season with Hardwood Paroxysm. In addition, you can also find him covering the Minnesota Timberwolves for Twin Cities, and as a co-editor for the Charlotte Hornets blog At the Hive. But, you know what they say about trusting a man with two first names. PostsArchive

Eric Maroun (@EJMaroun) has been with Hardwood Paroxysm since 2012 and is a diehard Cavs fan who continues to hold out hope that maybe, just maybe, this is the year he will see a Cleveland team win a championship. PostsArchive

Evans Clinchy (@evansclinchy) was raised in Virginia, came of age in Massachusetts and now lives in Oregon, where he’s become perversely interested in the rebuilding Trail Blazers while also enjoying his Celtics from afar. He’s also written stuff for, The Classical, The Cauldron, CelticsBlog, Blazer’s Edge and was once published in his middle school alumni newsletter but tries not to brag about it too much. He longs for the glory days of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. He will beat you at Scrabble. He believes that ball does not lie, or commit adultery for that matter, though it may occasionally fail to honor its father and/or its mother. Posts

Jacob Rosen (@WFNYJacob) is just a kid from Akron, Ohio. He is currently enrolled in the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center MBA program.

Jason Mann (@JasonMannOhioan) is the co-host of the Over and Back Classic NBA podcast (@OverandBackNBA). He is a web producer who lives in Columbus, Ohio. He is interested in basketball history, Alfred Hitchcock films, social justice, comic strips, and whatever his daughter happens to be into at the moment.

Jeff Siegel (@jgsiegel) comes to your computer screen from San Diego, where he laments the lack of an NBA team while sitting on the beach in 72-degree weather year-round. So maybe it’s not that bad. You can also find his writing at Hawks HoopPosts

Jeremy Conlin (@jeremy_conlin) is the Hardwood Paroxysm Network Executive Vice President for Supernatural Research and Eradication, and the Network’s Director of Shenanigans and Tomfoolery. The rest of the time, he’s an out-of-school teacher and counselor for elementary and middle school-aged kids around Boston. He probably knows more fifth graders than you do. Posts

Josh Lloyd (@redrock_bball) is the host of the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast and the lead content provider at Basketball Monster, as well as contributing to Hardwood Paroxysm and RotoWire. He hails from Melbourne, Australia, where he currently resides, and once dunked a basketball wearing jeans. Posts

Kaveh Jam (@KavehsRoom) is a Los Angeles based basketball writer. He was once credited with rescuing Rudy Gay’s misplaced iPod. He also contributes to SB Nation’s The UConn Blog and FanSided’s Daily Knicks and HoopsHabit where he attempts to lift the morale of Knicks readers.  Posts

Kevin Ferrigan (@NBACouchside) tweets too much and writes too little. When he is writing, you can find him here or at Blogabull. Posts

Kevin Yeung (@KevinHFY) is a Toronto-based basketball writer. He also covers the Oklahoma City Thunder as an associate editor for Welcome to Loud City, as well as the Memphis Grizzlies for Grizzly Bear Blues. Tony Allen once called him a suka [sic] on Twitter, but Tony Allen was already his favorite player in the NBA to begin with. Posts

Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) is a Maverick fan living in Washington DC with his wife and dog. He’s a fan of Dirk, the 90’s, and perimeter ball movement. Follow him on Twitter for Vines, over-reactions to bad defense, and the occasional basketball related rant. Posts

Matt Cianfrone (@Matt_Cianfrone) grew up in New Jersey and got bit by the high school basketball bug early. That eventually turned into an NBA love and after a four year hiatus at football focused UGA he returned back to New Jersey to teach and become a high school basketball coach. In the little free time that allows he spends time writing at HP, The Friendly Bounce and running Pelican Debrief. Posts

Miles Wray (@mileswray) has written for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, VICE, FanGraphs, and Ploughshares Literary Magazine. He lives in Seattle and recommends supporting the charming professional basketball team that does remain there. Posts

Myles Ma (@MylesMaNJ) is a writer and reporter in New Jersey, and he is your friend. You can read most of his work at and if you wish and believe, he will occasionally become unraveled on Twitter. Posts

Philip Rossman-Reich (@OMagicDaily) writes about all things Orlando Magic at Orlando Magic Daily while stopping all overtures to write for a Lakers blog. They do try. #FutureLakersBlogger. #Posts

Quinten Rosborough (@QRosborough) is a writer living in Chicago by way of the great state of Maryland. In addition to writing for Hardwood Paroxysm, he’s a contributor at Bullets Forever, and the co-founder of I’m Sorry Mark Jackson. He also hosts the podcast Cracking 40s With Quinten, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Rich Kraetsch (@richkraetsch) is 1/2 of the Over and Back Classic NBA podcast (@OverandBackNBA) alongside Jason Mann. Rich grew up in Chicago during the Bulls dominance of the 90s so he really had no choice but to be an NBA fan. When everyone left in the post-Jordan years, he became an even bigger fan (who doesn’t love Marcus Fizer?!). Since then, Rich has taken on a greater appreciation for basketball, past and present.

Tim Faklis (@TimFaklis) is a Minneapolis-based NBA writer. His work is featured mainly at Sporting News and ESPN Truehoop’s A Wolf Among Wolves, he’s also occasionally featured at VICE Sports, and The Classical. He’s quite thankful this writing thing has become an option for him, as he’s entering his mid-20s and remains undrafted. Posts

Tim Hanrahan (@TimHanrahan10) is a fan of pace and space, flex cuts, the 3-man weave, but also enjoys hero ball. His favorite non-Space Jam basketball movie is The 6th Man (A&K all the way!) Also, co-founder/CEO and editor-in-chief of Gowhere Hip Hop. Posts

Tyler Parker (@_tkparker) is from Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. He writes about the Oklahoma City Thunder at DailyThunder. He has a wife and a dog. You should watch the movie Mud if you haven’t already. Posts

Wes Goldberg (@wcgoldberg) is a writer and podcaster for the HP Basketball Network. He’s also the host of the Heat Check podcast and editor of AllUCanHeat. He enjoys music, television, thinking deeply, being outside and drinking both socially and alone. Posts

Willy Raedy (@WillyRaedy) has always loved basketball but Brandon Roy is the reason he became a fan of the NBA. Like all Pacific Northwesterners, he loves beer, hiking, and the rain. You can probably find him enjoying some combination of those three things when not playing or writing about hoops. Posts

Zachary Bennett (@ZacharyBD) lives in the Twin Cities. He mostly covers the Timberwolves (and Lynx) but tackles various NBA (and WNBA) stories, too. Zach probably isn’t sure whether he should be writing this bio in the third person. Oh well. Here’s his email: [email protected]Posts


Distinguished Alumni

Ananth Panadian, Andrew Lynch, Seerat Sohi, Sean Highkin, James Herbert, Danny Chau, Curtis Harris, Conrad Kaczmarek, Dylan “Mad Ants” Murphy, Clint Peterson, Zach Harper, Holly MacKenzie, Michael Pina, Graydon Gordian, Jared Wade, Trey Kerby, Rob Mahoney, Tom Haberstroh, and Corndogg.