A month to combat smoking and high blood pressure

A month to combat smoking and high blood pressure

Next week begins May, the month in which Health organizations are dedicated to raising awareness of two public health problems Which affects a very important part of the population: Arterial hypertension and smoking, which are closely related to each other. Marking World Hypertension Day (May 17) and from World Tobacco Day (May 31) The two primary care centers in Igualada organized a day on May 22 in the city center where specialists from different fields (nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, oral hygienists) will hold workshops and talks to provide advice and remove doubts.

I want to quit smoking…where do I start?

Quitting smoking is not an easy process For this reason it is recommended to do this with professional accompaniment. Anyone who wants to quit smoking just needs to make an appointment with the CAP nursing service. Professional nurses will do this Evaluate the patient taking into account the degree of his or her dependence on nicotine The degree of his motivation, and depending on the amount of tobacco he smokes, will determine whether he should receive drug treatment or not. Specialists will prepare the patient for Day “D”, which is the day he decides to quit smoking. You will be told what you need to do before that day (clean the house to remove odors, create a good atmosphere, remove ashtrays) and what you need to do that day itself (wake up early, eat a good breakfast, do different routines etc.). After 4 or 5 days, healthcare professionals make initial contact with the patient. Then, a periodic follow-up is conducted for a year, where it is evaluated whether there is a need for any intervention regarding weight or other habits, until A smoker becomes an ex-smoker on the day that falls one year from “D” day.

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Can high blood pressure be prevented?

Arterial hypertension is a chronic disease and a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease. Although there is a genetic component that can contribute to high blood pressure, it has been proven that bad habits can make the condition worse, such as sitting, smoking, or eating poorly. For this reason it is recommended for residents Exercise and pay attention to dietAvoid processed and pre-cooked foods and reduce salt. Patients with high blood pressure are monitored at CAP Igualada NordNot only medical monitoring but also monitoring of habits and weight until the patient stabilizes and is able to live a normal life without risks to his health.

miguel angel de luis diaz, Adult Nurse and Assistant Manager Cape Igualada Northinvites Iguala residents to go to a dispensary consultation if you are a smoker and learn more about healthy habits, and encourages everyone to participate on May 22: “For six hours, several tents will be set up in the center of Igualada where we will be able to check whether the users’ blood pressure monitors at home are working properly, and we will help them measure their blood pressure correctly and give them advice because it greatly improves their health condition.”. From the North Center, high blood pressure patients will be contacted by telephone during the month of May to learn about their healthy habits and invite them to this day. This May, let's say hello!

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