Fun With the NBA Trade Machine

If you’re unfamiliar with ESPN’s Trade Machine, it’s a tool that allows you to create trades, while being confined to the NBA’s real trade rules. So it won’t let you, say, trade LeBron James for Byron Mullens or ship Kevin Durant off to Atlanta for John Jenkins. You can check it out for yourself here.

It’s pretty fun – well for NBA junkies at least – to fool around and create trades, both realistic, and nonsensical. Here are some of deals I was able to come up with.

Houston sends Omer Asik to New Orleans in exchange for Ryan Anderson:


So this first one is pretty realistic. Asik is unhappy in Houston and has recently asked to be traded. Anderson would give them the floor spacing big man they need, plus the money works that they could be dealt straight up.

Toronto sends Rudy Gay and Aaron Gray to New York for Amare Stoudemire:


Who says no?

Miami sends LeBron James and Chris Bosh to Boston for Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallce, Kris Humphries, Avery Bradley, and Marshon Brooks:


Sounds like a good deal all around to me.

New Orleans receives: Ramon Sessions and Brendon Haywood

Milwaukee receives: Trevor Ariza

Washington receives: Luke Ridnour, Jason Smith, Austin Rivers

Charlotte receives: Ersan Ilyasova and Trevor Booker


This was one of my attempts at breaking the Trade Machine. Four bad to middling teams exchanging bad to middling players.

Orlando receives: Jason Thompson, Steve Blake, Jimmer Freddette

Denver receives: John Salmons and Tobias Harris

Sacramento receives: Wilson Chandler, Jodie Meeks, Kyle O’Quinn, and Ryan Kelly

Los Angeles receives: Glen Davis


Another attempt at breaking the Trade Machine. This was quite the effort. Congrats to the Kings for coming away the winners.

Utah receives: Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas receives: Rudy Gay and J.J. Barea

Toronto receives: Marvin Williams and Derrick Williams

Minnesota receives: Richard Jefferson


The third and final attempt at destroying the Trade Machine. This one features some prominent players. Imagine Dirk combining with the budding young stars they already have in Utah.


Obviously the majority of these trades are never happening, but it was still fun to mess around and see how ridiculous the trades could get. I highly recommend checking out the Trade Machine for yourself, if you haven’t done so before.



  • Kujo_Daggs37

    HOU – MIL – NO

    Houston receives Ersan ilyasova, Jeff Whithey, and a 2nd rounder (Milwaukee)

    Milwaukee receives Eric Gordon, Omer Asik, and max cash (New Orleans)

    New Orleans receives receives Larry Sanders and Caron Butler