Here is the new iPhone 2024 bonus: don't miss it ( / Depositphotos)

In the field of smartphone technology, the world is divided into two parts. There are those It is loyal only and exclusively to Apple He therefore cannot do without his iPhone, which he immediately buys again as soon as it breaks and which he dreams of, every time, about the new model that has just been released.

But on the other hand, there are those who believe so Spend all this money Because a smartphone is overrated, therefore, in order not to give up on buying a mobile phone from Apple, he goes to find all the valid but cheaper alternatives that are launched, for example, by the Chinese and Eastern markets.

However, today you cannot live without your smartphone. In fact, the mobile phone is no longer just a way to stay in touch with others, but also an easily accessible work, entertainment and information device. We no longer know how to do without it.

If you are also part of the Apple team and dream of owning an iPhone, here is a bonus that you cannot miss in any way: So You will get it practically for free.

iPhone, get it now: the subsidies are endless

Today we're talking about all those people who are having fun Benefits of Law 104Which protects any person suffering from a disability that complicates social integration, work, social rights, etc. This law stipulates Reducing value added tax to 4% To purchase technical and information technology assistance and assistance, as well as to adopt a guide dog or an interpretation service.

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The one thing you never think about is that Even a smartphone It can be considered an aid for a person with a disability: thanks to its potential, in fact, it can serve as a reader for a blind person, for example. In this case, not only will the VAT be reduced to 4%, but the expenses incurred can also be reduced Leads to 19% discount When filing your tax return.

Here's the new iPhone 2024 bonus
Here is the new iPhone 2024 bonus: don't miss it ( / Depositphotos)

How to benefit from Law 104

To benefit from the reduced VAT and discount, it is necessary to have between the purchased good and a disease approved by the ASL medical committees. Functional connectionThe smartphone therefore effectively removes those difficulties that Law 104 wants to eliminate. In the case of the iPhone, for example, this can make it easier for a blind person to communicate.

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