Gerald Wallace Is Trying To “Crash” The All-Sta… I Can’t Do It.

Some of you have approached me lately about whether Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace has a shot at being an All-Star. Here’s my thinking:

The five starters for each conference are picked by the fans. The seven reserves are chosen by each conference’s head coaches. I think that works in Wallace’s favor. No way he’d be a starter, and he’s more likely to be appreciated by the coaches than the general public (at least outside Charlotte).

via Inside the NBA: Is Bobcats’ Wallace an All-Star?.

Bonnell lays out the odds for Wallace to get the All-Star spot. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way. Bosh, Garnett, LeBron. Smith will be the first coach’s pick, with Pierce right behind, and I think Iguodala slips in, even though Wallace has been playing incredible ball.

(While you’re at it, take a gander at Pelton examining the impact of Wallace’s teammates on his rebounding numbers. Great stuff.)

There’s just very little chance that Wallace breaks through. Do the coaches in this league respect him enough to insert him over other players?

Matt Moore

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