Zingaretti meets the President of Saxony Kretschmer, focusing on economics, science and culture

Zingaretti meets the President of Saxony Kretschmer, focusing on economics, science and culture

President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti This afternoon in Rome, in the Chamber of Copernicus Republic, he met the President of Saxony Michael Kretschmer On the occasion of the launch of the first group meeting between the Lazio region and the Free State of Saxony. This is the first of a series of appointments and activities signed by Mou (Memorandum of Understanding) Lazio / Free State of Saxony, agreement signed on October 4, 2021. The meeting aims to launch initiatives and projects to develop cooperation, economic cooperation, trade relations and scientific and cultural exchanges between the two regions in the fields of economy, education and science Arts and Culture.

“This meeting represents an important opportunity to advance the common strategic issues that Lazio and Saxony wanted to communicate with each other to achieve important results – said Governor Zingaretti -. Now is the time to turn these projects into concrete and tangible realities and the role of the regions will certainly be decisive. Ambition must be It is to expand the perimeter of confrontation between two great European regions with a common goal of sustainable development, culture and multiplying opportunities for new generations”, explained Zingaretti.

“Saxony is a large industrial region in Germany and we are starting a collaboration to make our companies stronger. A collaboration between our science and research places, and thus an opportunity to accompany our territory, European programming with great common goals. Europe – emphasized Zingaretti – not only European institutions, but also countries. Covid showed How far can Europe unite and when it does that it is stronger.Things happened in a few months has been talked about for years, I think about the policies of the Stability Pact, the next generation of the European Union, the start of the discussion to overcome the veto. Zingaretti concluded that it is What is necessary now, within a European strategy, is that regions and peoples meet, and this is the spirit of this meeting.”

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The Memorandum of Understanding signed last October between the Lazio region and the Free State of Saxony began cooperation between the two parties to create new opportunities for dialogue on issues critical to the development of the regions and the lives of citizens and businesses. Thanks to this agreement, the two regions have undertaken joint work in different areas to give a strong impetus to it. Among the sectors concerned are those related to coordination activities, internationalization, trade, innovation, education, science and research. Cooperation in the field of culture and technologies for heritage preservation has also begun, starting with the dialogue between important museum institutions hosted in the territory of the two regions.

“A lot is expected from us, concrete expectation and I am very happy to start this cooperation with the Lazio region, with a partner that is really very important and interesting for us, very advanced and active in the high-tech sector. It is also important for the start-ups – Saxony President Michael Kretschmer – said. We have cooperation in terms of medical and educational services. Now let’s start the work of these working groups that will begin to collaborate concretely and deal with the issues that matter to us. It is an exchange of ideas and we can learn from each other. We are facing big challenges in Europe like war unfortunately and Europe is our life insurance. Kretschmer concluded by concluding his speech: It is very important that we start this cooperation together, that we are coherent and that together we can move the European Union forward.”

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