Zarzuela advised Felipe VI to undergo a medical examination when he confirmed Letizia's infidelities

Zarzuela advised Felipe VI to undergo a medical examination when he confirmed Letizia's infidelities

reputation cheerful He was questioned after the recent statements of Jaime del Burgo. The human rights activist shared on the digital platform According to this account, this would be the real reason behind the severe crisis they experienced in 2013, thus ruling out the connection to the Nos Affair and the controversies related to Juan Carlos, which shook the foundations of the Spanish monarchy.

According to Jaime Peñafiel, not everything Jaime del Burgo told him was explained because many things were intimate things between the couple and he did not think it appropriate to embody them in his latest book. He says he didn't even explain 1%.. “In my book I only explain 1% of everything I know. According to Jaime del Burgo, Letizia would have had more extramarital affairs. Felipe is a good person, but he is a poor man with no character while she has morals. Letizia does not deceive anyone, because she has shown She was already in character on the day of the engagement, and the Spanish court press said that she had let the prince down in this matter, but it was the opposite because he boycotted her. The journalist said: “She was not the queen, she was the consort and she forgot that.” “Letizia's measurement wasn't good and I think she passed three villages.”

Felipe and Letizia in the car

Jaime Peñafiel was a loyal supporter of Juan Carlos, although he expressed strong criticism of him during his rule Queen Sofia's betrayal scandal. Now, the situation has turned, as reports suggest that Letizia may have cheated on Felipe on more than one occasion, not only with Jaime del Burgo, but also in the past with Alonso Guerrero, her ex-husband.

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Letizia has been unfaithful on several occasions

Queen Sofia never trusted Letizia, and since she caused pain to her son with her actions, she never forgave him, laying the foundation for their complicated relationship. When Felipe shared with his mother Letizia's betrayal is revealedShe urged him to immediately consult a doctor. Queen Sofia is very careful about diseases and fears that the king may have contracted some sexually transmitted disease. In fact, she herself stopped taking tests when her intimate relations with Juan Carlos ceased.

Logically, no one knew about Letizia's extramarital affairs. He tried to hide who he was with. In fact, the relationship with Jaime del Burgo was not discovered until the end of 2012. The health of the King of Spain was the most important thing for Zarzuela, so he had to undergo a complete medical examination. No one knew whether these men were healthy, or if they used protection when having intimate relationships.

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