Furious Courtois, sparring with Tedesco over Lukaku’s badge: Chaos in Belgium

Furious Courtois, sparring with Tedesco over Lukaku’s badge: Chaos in Belgium

Thibaut Courtois left withdrawal Belgium in a state of agitation. The Real Madrid goalkeeper did not accept the decision not to take over the position of captain of his country, Without De Bruyne, the star of City and the first choice to be captain of the Belgium national team. In fact, the band ended up on Lukaku’s armthe Inter striker, who also scored the equalizer against Arnautović’s Austria.

Belgium chaos, Courtois angry

According to Het Nieuwsblad, Courtois did not show up at the hotel. Despite reassurances from the national team staff, the goalkeeper made up his mind and chaos erupted in the Belgium dressing room. After all, Tedesco announced that Courtois would be the captain against Estonia, After a tie with Austria. Between the two, again according to Het Nieuwsblad, there was a confrontation but it didn’t help heal the rift. Nothing to do, in the next qualifying round for the European Championship, he will move between the tied Matz Sales.

Courtois – Tedesco, interview until four in the morning

Courtois He made up his mind now, and left Belgian withdrawal. The coach’s intervention was useless Dominic German Which, according to local media reports, he had Interview until four in the morning with the goalkeeper. Courtois was also offered time to reflect on the situation but eventually decided to let go, grouchy To choose Lukaku as the captain.

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