Patino to Juventus and Kane to Arsenal: an exciting exchange! Crossover suggestion

Patino to Juventus and Kane to Arsenal: an exciting exchange!  Crossover suggestion

Yes: there are the big names of the usual suspects, from Phillips H HoegbergBehind them, the goals stand out in the light. Certainly less vocal, but this time, perhaps more realistic in light of the future strategies that Juventus wants to implement regarding the team. What is certain is that trips Cristiano Giuntoli In London, they also follow other paths in addition to those that lead to already established players, paths like the ones that lead to Charlie Michael Patino20 years old, flexible midfielder owned by Arsenal.

The boy has been under surveillance for some time and now seems the right time to strike: confirmation comes from London circles and from operators of the Italian market such as Michele Frattini, who spoke on TvPlay: “Charlie Patino is a multi-level player who can play in front of the defense and as a playmaker or attacking midfielder. He has a lot of quality and a lot of people in England love him, he is very talented. Probably Arsenal's greatest player at youth level. It is no exaggeration to say that we are facing a player who will be able to have his say at the highest level, if he finds the right place. to'Arsenal He has loaned him out first to Blackburn and now to Swansea, but plans to bring him back in June. Challenge between Juventus H Milan? “He's in everyone's book, he's among the 50 most powerful young people in the world.”

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