Have you seen Alessandro’s friend Chic Pawnee? “toddler”

Have you seen Alessandro’s friend Chic Pawnee?  “toddler”

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has found a new love: To testify, the shot tells of a very intimate and private moment of pampering and relaxation, on a boat, with a boy much younger than him. Between them is about 34 years. But who is the mysterious young man?

a’summer full of love Which the famous presenter just tested Cecchi Paonewho has spent days on the boat with her new boyfriend, who is 34 years younger and already very popular.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has been caught with a new friend: he’s too young

Alessandro Secci Pawnee

Alessandro Cecchi Paone is a well-known radio and television journalist, science and cultural activist, essayist, university professor and civil rights activist. A man of great culture, he has shown in his career that he knows how to combine faith cheerful: Always ready to have fun and participate, he has participated in many reality shows, such as The Island of the Famous and Big Brother Vip.

The eye of the storm never overlooked him nor departed from his judgment: indeed, until this summer, show himself shameless With her new boyfriendone of them is noticeable Stunning age difference. After the photo, which aroused the curiosity of many, the boy immediately spread and followed him on social networks.

Who is Alessandro Cecchi Poni’s 26-year-old boyfriend?

its name Simon It was immortalized in a picture published by the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini “Who”Any offers? Tangible harmony of the couple. He, 26 years old, does not belong to the entertainment world but has already met many well-known faces like Simona Ventura.

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The fanpage.it portal reported on the statement of Cecchi Paone Who asserts that he has nothing to hide and tells a little about himself new love storyHe was born under the summer sun that kindled the fire of passion. In the photo, in fact, the two are cuddling and witnessing one Strong attraction and complicity.

“It’s a sweet, cool summertime passion, a very modern story, if we’re going to say, we’re going through it. We have already made two public visits together, in Rimini by Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi for a series of events where I presented my book and in Milano Marittima at Vip Master Tennis. During the summer the story grows and here I filmed a beautiful moment between us “.

Alessandro Secci Pawnee

Will the story just remain a “summer passion” or will it develop into something more serious?

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