Placido Domingo at Verona Arena: The orchestra refuses to stand up

Placido Domingo at Verona Arena: The orchestra refuses to stand up

CGIL and sororities in Verona against Placido Domingo. Evening result Verdi’s opera night, Which the protagonist saw on August 25 and Turandot Directed by the same artist the next evening they brought Slc (Telecom Workers Union) from CGIL from Verona To write a letter of protest on August 29 in Arena Foundation. “The result of the evenings, looking at the awkward rehearsals, was anticipated and denounced by the choral performers themselves, the orchestra masters and theater technicians, who immediately realized that Domingo was not up to his fame and the task entrusted to him by the arena Foundation di Verona. The result of the two evenings was very poor and he did not allow The event can turn into a catastrophic failure only through the professionalism of the technical and technical personnel of the Arena Foundation.”

“in Turandot, which is a precarious business, and what is more, if the necessary tests are not carried out, all the workers have felt abandoned to themselves on more than one occasion, and many times risked to overturn. To confirm this, there was a protest from the orchestra, who, realizing that the middle show had just ended, refused to stand at the usual sign of the conductor who invited them to take the applause. Many masters of the orchestra and choral performers have no doubts: the evenings of the twenty-sixth were among the most insulting to the entire artistic sector. We hope that the technical directive will rethink the organization Gala Domingo concert 2023. In our opinion, it would be appropriate to cancel it (also in light of the scandals of recent years), but if this is a great request, the thought of organizing it as a tribute to Domingo, without being the main protagonist, is a request that must be taken seriously.”

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Even the women’s associations in Verona complained about the option of opening the square’s doors to Placido Domingo. In an open letter to the city’s new mayor, Damiano Tomasias the head of a singing organization, led by associations “Not less” They express “surprise and panic.” Domingo – they wrote in the memo – had already been indicted for sexual harassment in 2019 and in 2020 he resigned as directorLos Angeles Opera, declaring himself remorseful and apologizing to the victims, and retracting everything soon after. And now he is subjected to other serious accusations: he is a member of a sect that reduces women to sex slaves, under the influence of a yoga teacher and a yoga teacher: investigations are underway in Argentina.”

“Far from wanting to convict anyone before the investigations are over and instead of a competent judiciary, we regret the choice of the incomprehensible and bizarre Arena Foundation,” the sorority continues. “The current presence of Placido Domingo at the Arena Opera Festival is the result of a decision that clearly highlights his sensitivity admin gazidia With regard to issues of such gravity and importance. It is necessary to take responsibility in the choices that evaluate a person and not just their technical expertise.”

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