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The Christmas lottery draw takes place at the Real Madrid Theater in Madrid in the presence of 600 spectators, with all kinds of… Accessories and fashion.

After the beating of the drums, the traditional song begins for the girls and boys of St. Ildefence School, who bring out the balls and announce the prizes, a few minutes after nine o’clock.

You can follow the draw here:

How is the withdrawal done?

There were two drums. And in one of them there is 100,000 urine -of numbers from 00000 to 99999-, and the other includes 1.807 Paul That will determine the prizes.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the two drums are beaten, and from here, the children of St. Ildefons will begin to extract and sing the number balls and prizes.

This year, there is 14 girls and 9 boys from Saint-Ildefence. You must have At least 8 yearsClear voice and verbal fluency. Since mid-October, they have been working on polishing their voice.

The drawing It usually lasts about four hours It ends when there are no balls left in the prize buzz.

Catalonia, where more money is spent

Catalonia, with a little more 432 million eurosis the third autonomous community of the state where More money is spent In the Christmas draw, it trailed Madrid with 549 million, and Andalusia with 501 million.

And it is that, according to the State Lottery and State Betting Association (SELAE), they sold in Catalan territory About 2,160,000 ticketswhich means expense Per resident 55.49 eurosAlthough Lleida’s demarcation far exceeds this average at €117.42 per citizen.

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This gives evidence that on Friday, December 22, there will be many Catalans waiting for the classic cantarella of the boys and girls of Sant Ildefons. These children will be responsible for Distribution of 2,590 million euros In prizes, 70 million more than last year, among 185,000 ten Issued

1,807 buildings

Hi ha Total 1807 buildings Although the most important are five, the rest are what is known in detail:

  • Grand (first prize): €4,000,000 per series, €400,000 per tenth.
  • Second prize: €1,250,000 per series, €125,000 per tenth.
  • Third prize: €500,000 per series, €50,000 per tenth.
  • Fourth prizes (Two in total): €200,000 per series, €20,000 per tenth.
  • Five awards (Eight in total): €60,000 per series, €6,000 per tenth.
  • Small prizes (1794 total): €1,000 per series, €100 per tenth.
Prizes will be distributed to the 185,000 tenths issued (Europe Press)

What is the cost of each Euro played for each Christmas Lottery prize?

When explaining the different prizes in the Christmas draw, the amount to be won per tithe is always mentioned, but what if you are playing with bets and not the full tithe? If it were, that would be the case The amount to be won for each euro played:

  • Grand (first prize): For every euro played, the lucky winner receives 20,000 euros.
  • Second prize: In this case, 1 euro played is equivalent to 6,250 euros.
  • Third prize: Every Euro played has a prize of €2,500.
  • Fourth prizes (Two in total): The lucky person wins €1,000 for every €1 played.
  • Five awards (Eight in total): Equivalent to €300 for every Euro played.
  • Small prizes (1,794 total): In this case, you will be charged €5 for every €1 played.
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The numbers that received the most awards

Statistics generally indicate this He likes number 5. Which is that, according to SELAE data, since the drawing was first held in 1812, the top prize has decreased to tenths ending in 5 in A total of 32 occasions.

For this reason, it is the most requested finish by lottery buyers. They follow him Those who finished in 4th and 6th, which were awarded 27 times each. On the other side, The less fortunate end It is No. 1, awarded eight times, followed by No. 2, thirteen times, and No. 9, a total of 16 times.

The administration of Doña Manolita, in Madrid, accumulates long lines to buy tithes every year (EFE)

In addition, of the 212 Christmas draws held so far, the first prize matched… 65 times a number between 0 and 10,00074 times for the number between 10001 and 30000 and 74 times for the number between 30001 and 99999.

As for the ranking of the most fortunate places, it is at the top Madrid cityAl-Kabeer fell 83 times, followed by Barcelona with 43.

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