Young Redouane, the Girona-based singer who arranged de facto irregular partners

Young Redouane, the Girona-based singer who arranged de facto irregular partners

Young Redouane, the Girona-based singer who arranged de facto irregular partnersREDOUANERAY TOUNSI

At night he took the microphone karaoke I Party rooms to Girona And happier Moroccan community with Traditional songs From your country by day, he ran the organization that, according to the police, had been cheating for more than two years De facto couples Between two Irregular immigrantsThey were paid 12,000 euros, and the Spaniards agreed to register and join them for 8,000 euros.

Researchers think so Redouane Tounzi,’Cheb Redouane‘ a YoutubeShe did not give concerts as a cover to hide her true lifestyle, but rather took advantage of the fact that her performances gained great fame. Certain popularity Among the Moroccan community that settled in Catalonia “Capture” more customers For your network.

Moroccan Bertin Osborne

“I made connections in a very large community Especially in the province of Gironawhere he had a certain dilemma and Everyone knew him. He did his “work” for him mouth to mouth“Word has spread among illegal immigrants and among Spaniards in economic difficulties who want to be part of the scam,” indicate sources familiar with the investigation.

he singing I Influencerl 47 years It looks like Two sonsVideos of his concerts spread on social media (one of which was a video clip recorded in the streetsHe was active And Barcelona, ​​and the police identified him), and he settled in one of them Law and Justice Party to Fig trees Next to his Moroccan girlfriend as well. They lived a conservative life. Beyond that, young Radwan “liked to show off and impress as a singer, especially among women.” He wanted to become Moroccan Bertin Osborne“, I refer to sources consulted by Elperiodico de Espanya, from the same publishing group as Regió7.

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BMW and high-end cars

Moreover, the couple lived a normal life: “Living in a good apartment can be normal Without paying rent or mortgage, Change cars constantly They add that Tunisian “goes out to parties and nightclubs, all without a known legal profession.” During the eight months he spent under police surveillance, a Tunisian “bought and sold several… High-end carsby Marquez with BMW“.

NopeInfluencer The Moroccan and his girlfriend were arrested along with nine other people inpractical triangle National Police after an eight-month investigation conducted by the General Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Borders. During that period, according to searches, the organization led by Tunzi was able to register at least A 77 young couples (to draw less attention) by fraud in various Catalan records, which He would have raised more than a million euros.

France and Belgium

But Tunzi’s plot did not succeed like other illegal immigration networks. The man had invented it, according to police. The young man, Radwan, had a network of Moroccan agents outside Spain, in France and Belgium. The immigrants who lived in those countries and wanted to settle their situations came to our country. They registered as a common law partner with a Spaniard Or the Spanish with the help of Tunzi, and they returned home with the papers in order; Fraud was therefore more difficult to detect.

Safety flooring

The organization took care of everything: once the amount was paid 12.000 euros As they requested, one of Tunzi’s drivers would pick them up and Transport them to Figuereswhere the plot was Several floors of security. Once there, the Moroccans had to pay 50 euros per day to live crowded, according to the police. They went into hiding for the time needed to complete the necessary procedures to legally join the Spanish citizen he was for Unstable economic situationHe agreed to participate in the scam in exchange for €8,000.

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The women of the organization accompanied them on all their appointments with the administration and told them what they should say and do. Tunis himself was also present in many of these arrangements and was responsible for dealing with clients himself, according to the sources consulted.

After being brought to court, the conspiracy leader was released. The eleven detainees are accused of crimes of belonging to Criminal groupFavor Illegal immigration I Forgery of the document. Until his arrest, Tunzi had a criminal record Gender violence, Break the sentence, Threats I Pests. Now justice will decide whether he amassed a small fortune by organizing fake relationships, as the police investigation indicates.

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