Europe intends to impose 25% customs duties on Chinese electric cars

Europe intends to impose 25% customs duties on Chinese electric cars

The tariffs that the European Union will impose on imports of battery-powered electric cars (Beef) was about 25%which would generate revenues for the blog of more than 2,000 million euros annually, as detailed in the news published by the British newspaper on Wednesday. Financial Times. Thus, the European Union is moving forward with its plan to impose customs duties on imports of electric cars produced in China despite… Warnings Of member states such as Germany, whose Chancellor, Olaf SchulzHe warned of the risks of starting a trade war with Beijing. According to the same post, the European Commission will notify automakers on Wednesday that it will temporarily apply additional tariffs of up to 25% on imported Chinese electric vehicles starting next month, according to people familiar with the decision. Quoted According to the newspaper, Brussels claims that Chinese electric car manufacturers benefit from subsidies that undermine their European competitors.

On the other hand, these definitions It is defended by countries such as France and SpainIt is expected to raise “billions of euros annually” for the European Union budget as sales of Chinese electric cars grow in Europe. The British newspaper notes that Beijing has already warned that it will respond to persuade European Union countries to oppose the new tariffs, which will be in addition to the bloc’s current tariffs of 10%. On his side, China already imposes a 15% tariff on European electric cars. Meanwhile, Germany, Sweden and Hungary said they did not agree to the measure for fear of Chinese retaliation, the circular notes.

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These definitions will remain This is much lower than the 100% rate that the United States announced last month for imports of electric cars arriving in its country. Government Joe Biden She stated that these taxes would rise from 25% to 100%, thus quadrupling their collections.

Waiting for the outcome of the investigation

Last March, the European Commission announced that it would consider whether to impose retroactive tariffs on makers of battery electric cars from China after observing “huge” imports of about 200,000 vehicles between October 2023 and January 2024, he confirmed. European spokesman. He presses. This represents an increase of 11% compared to the period from October 2022 to September 2023, in monthly average terms, and 14% compared to the corresponding period between October 2022 and January 2023. Furthermore, the evidence available to Brussels at this stage appears to indicate that exports of the affected product It benefits from countervailing subsidies, which may cause “irreparable damage” to the EU. As a result of this anomaly, the Community’s Executive Committee decided, through the Executive Regulation, to register imports of new passenger battery electric vehicles from China, starting from Wednesday, in accordance with the rules stipulated in the EU Anti-Subsidy Regulation.

This registration will allow Customs to trace specific imports after the corresponding trade defense investigation has been initiated. Its purpose is to allow the realization of compensatory rights retrospectively, if conditions are imposed and fulfilled after the completion of the investigation, since the record does not prejudge its results.

According to the text of the regulation, the Commission found that “there is a risk that an increasing number of producers in the Union will be affected by lower sales volumes and lower production levels if the level of imports at the allegedly subsidized prices from China remains unchanged.” Now that the investigation has begun.” He added: “It is clear that the risks will have a negative impact on…employment And in the general performance of the Producers Union. This would constitute damage that would be difficult to repair,” the document notes.

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