Below are the following deadlines for restricted access degree courses

Below are the following deadlines for restricted access degree courses

Florence, August 28, 2023 – We are making great strides towards our goal New school year. Enrollment is open for three-year and one-session master’s degree courses at the University of Florence.

For courses with limited enrollment, you should pay attention to this The deadlines required to register for the admission test. To participate in the Single Cycle Exam in Primary Education Science, the deadline is very close: August 30th.

The deadline to apply for three-year courses in biotechnology ends August 31; Textile and fashion design. product, interior, communication, environmental and social design; biology; education and training sciences; Psychological Sciences and Technologies. applied pharmaceutical sciences; Exercise science, sports and health. Advanced technologies and transformations for the wooden furniture construction sector.

Friday 8th September Deadline for single course degrees in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

Unifi training offer news

Sustainable development, technological innovation and secure management of big data: these are some of the main challenges facing our society and to which the five novelties of the educational offer of the University of Florence are dedicated. These are two three-year courses, in Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) and in Materials Science (Faculty of Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences), and three MA courses in Sustainability and Security Law (Faculty of Law), and Data Science, Computational Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Software: Science and Technology (Faculty of Science). Mathematical, Physical and Natural), the latter in English and in collaboration with IMT of Lucca.

Online affiliates and resources

An active Reception and Orientation Desk, which supports future students in choosing a university, is also online, a Call Center, dedicated to administrative procedures and deadlines, and a Selective Processing Desk for information on courses of a limited number. The online resources on the section of the Unifi website dedicated to new students in the future ( and on the websites of the individual schools are also very useful, such as preparatory courses dedicated to mathematics, which are offered in the mathematical, physical and natural sciences.

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