Your chandeliers can be worth up to €6,000: SELL NOW | Nobody thinks about that

Your chandeliers can be worth up to €6,000: SELL NOW |  Nobody thinks about that

Chandeliers in your home can be worth a lot of money. If you decide to sell what you own, you will earn a lot

Anyone in their home has at least one One or more chandeliers. Although they may seem trivial, or at least basically standard, they can generate a lot of money. Its value in the antiques market is particularly active, and finding a modern model can bring thousands of euros. You can earn up to €6,000, depending on the title. But everything will depend on the rarity of the item in question. This is a widespread practice that can lead to very interesting sales negotiations.

The appearance of chandeliers dates back to between 1500 and 1600 in that period Baroque. At the time, it was a real artistic revolution, as it was able to be both functional for lighting and aesthetically pleasing. By now, the taste for things has clearly been lost, due to all the amenities that have come along over the years. But this does not mean that they are completely distorted. There are still a lot of people who are interested in it, and therefore they will be ready for it You spend a lot of money Provided that you have such a rare piece with you.

How much can you earn with Thuraya?

Chandeliers dating back to certain historical periods can start at an auction price about 2000 euros. Everything also depends on the material, not just the reference historical period. copper It is certainly a concrete example, which can increase the price of the item collected by our collector. Assuming of course that there are people who are interested, which is very likely given the direction of the market. Sometimes we tend to think that our chandelier is standard, and is almost limited to the only function it performs. Few see us as an opportunity to make money. Well, the remaining part must definitely change their approach.

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Chandeliers are worth thousands of euros

Money for the chandelier – how much can you get? (Design

with chandelier You can earn a lot. It starts from a few hundred euros up to 6000 euros. Some rare specimens in circulation, such as rifle models, can start from an auction base of approx 2500 euros. You can understand for yourself that such a thing has no reason to keep it in the house, except for certain reasons. If you have an antique chandelier, it is recommended to inquire with a view to selling it as soon as possible.

Where tradition and personal affection can’t reach, money can be found to solve everything.

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