Olympia Milan Post Varese | The second half is worthless. Quietly, we are growing

Olympia Milan Post Varese |  The second half is worthless.  Quietly, we are growing

Olimpia Milano after Varese who did not lose to any Italy at home in 2022, a performance that bodes well for the future.

Let me be clear, the second half of the derby against Varese counts little or nothing. Mario Fioretti is correct in emphasizing that closing a match is not up to par. Ettore Messina did a very good job of keeping his concentration elevated for 40 minutes. Striving for perfection is a healthy goal for those coming through the crunch weeks. And no one today can consider that the latter has ended.

But after all, the game never gets on stage, and against the tournament’s best offense, scoring 36 goals in the first quarter, conceding just 32 in the first half, means approaching the action as a battleship. And it doesn’t matter if all the heroes try to “break the world” in their second half, perhaps they are looking for a carefree smile after days and days of long faces.

What matters is what you did to win, and what matters is the new form of Tlc, 12 points in 13 minutes, the reliability of Baron on fire, 11 points in 22 minutes with three triples, and the stubbornness of Davies who makes a lot of mistakes, but at the same time does everything to fix them.

He also tallies 11 points and 7 assists for Devon Hall, while Naz Mitrou-Long has another disastrous game, all round. Pangos injury post injury continued unabated with nearly 2 turnovers per game and 2+ tackles, 12/51 from 3, and 7.5 points scored.

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But even at Brescia, December was a month of decline before January of recovery. In the meantime, the current path will suffice. To quote Mario Fioretti: “We weren’t at zero before, we’re not at 100 now.” But it continues. Progressing.

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