Sainz: Renewal numbers to 2024 – F1 Piloti – Formula 1

Sainz: Renewal numbers to 2024 – F1 Piloti – Formula 1

The mechanics deserve some candy, I got them the pastry.. Carlos Sainz Yesterday he appeared on the track at Imola “armed” with two large bags, one in each hand, bearing clear signs. The Spanish driver, freshly renewed until 2024 with Ferrari officially announcing yesterday, has brought ‘pasta’ to the Ferrari men to celebrate together his stay in Maranello for the next two years, an agreement currently ‘coordinated’ with expiration provided Charles Leclerc that Monaco will not extend his contract with Ferrari which was extended at the end of 2019 for five years until 2024. The father, the legend in rallying, always took care of every detail of the relationship with the team and the son who wanted at all costs to follow the road to top speed on four wheels, he followed He set a good example and hopes to repeat “The Snack” as soon as possible after his first career victory.

According to today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport It is clear that Carlos Sainz along with the renewal have received a salary revision that will go from $10 million this season to about 12 million a year over the next two years (At the current exchange rate just over 11 million euros). “Since December I was already sure to sign”, words of the Spaniard, who has not been on the same team for four years in his career, and will do so in the ones he dreamed of as a child. Now that the signature has been signed, Carlos Sainz will be able to focus on his goal, to become the world champion. And the main antagonist, with a Ferrari like this one, has it at home: “F1-75 Charles Leclerc fits better, but I’m fixing the details, I’ll have fun too soon”concluded that the Madrid-born comeback from scratch in Melbourne as a result of an off-track result to his fault for being too eager to recover after an unfortunate qualifying session and an unhappy start.

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