Harry and Diana | Gramellini coffee

Harry and Diana |  Gramellini coffee

Or: the strange case of an orphan trying to revive his mother within himself. It would take a psychoanalyst to explain to us whether Harry Windsor’s choice was an unconscious choice or a conscious desire, suggested in part by a possibly unscrupulous wife.

The fact is that Diana’s second son voluntarily slipped into the hereditary role of the misunderstood and persecuted victim. And after filing lawsuits around the world, even the British government for not paying for his escort, he claimed last night that he and his wife, as well as his mother-in-law, were stalked by paparazzi on the streets of New York, touching a replica of the tragedy that brought Diana Spencer into popular legend.

Fact or exaggeration? Despite the conflicting accounts, it’s still the film Harry plays in his head: the story of two brothers prematurely orphaned by a rebellious princess, only one of whom, heir to the throne, betrays his mother’s mandate and conforms to the causes of state, becoming a clone of his ancestors. while the other – the apprentice, the renegade, the “reserve” – ​​remains true to Diana’s mission, the task of undermining the respect of the English royal house, to the point of embarking on the same fate.

If he could hear us, we would tell him that, as a victim as a victim, he is a little bored with us. And the best way to get out of the spell he’s fallen into is to finally let go of his mother’s ghost.

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