“Risks of destabilizing relations” – Corriere.it

“Risks of destabilizing relations” – Corriere.it
from Giuseppe Sarsina

The US Secretary of Defense, for the first time, called his Chinese counterpart: Washington reiterated his warning about helping Moscow and Beijing on its stance on Taiwan (“it is part of China, and that will never change”)

from our reporter

WASHINGTON – For several weeks now, the Biden administration has been tightly celebrating a privilege Chinese government. Pentagon generals fear that Beijing — which has repeatedly reiterated its desire not to break“Friendship Without Borders” with Moscow – It can act as a bank A Russian President Vladimir Putinproviding, more or less under the counter, not only weapons, but above all materials, ammunition and spare parts to activateRussian offensive in Donbass.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin frankly admitted this Wednesday, April 20 Contacts with his Chinese military counterpart stopped several months ago, more or less since the crisis between Washington and Moscow began. Lloyd did a frequent file search General Shu Qiliang, a prominent propagandist of the Chinese Communist Party, responsible for the country’s international and military security. But Xu Qiliang never responded.

So the Pentagon chief decided yesterday to bring in the Secretary of Defense, another general, We Feng. The Americans’ minimal goal was to at least resume dialogue, before returning to thinking about possible ways out of the war. But according to the report of the phone call out of Beijing, Wei Fenge shrugged off the interlocutor, speaking before all else Taiwan
In these terms: “Taiwan is part of China and no one can change this fact. If the issue is not dealt with properly, it could harm the relations between China and the United States.”

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And for the superpower led by Xi Jinping, “correct management” means only one thing: it does not “interfere” with plans for reunification “with the motherland”. So Beijing warns the United States: Don’t think you can come forward to it Taiwan “Ukraine Model”By providing other military means and financial support.

Since 2019, the wealthy government of Taiwan, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, has purchased $14.2 billion worth of weapons from the United States. In particular, the order also included 66 F-16 aircraft and components for Patriot missile defense system. Concern is growing in Washington. Already in mid-February, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, speaking at a congressional hearing, was very clear: We cannot allow Putin to annex all of Ukraine; It will also be a green light for other maneuvers like this.”. Everyone understood the reference to Taiwan and China.

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