Xiaomi OUT OF ALL: 10 unknown products sold out on Amazon

Among today’s offers AmazonObviously, those on the products of one of the world’s largest and most respected technology companies, Xiaomi. The Chinese company has quite a number of products belonging to its vast ecosystem with some really interesting promotions. Look at the ones for more exotic gadgets.

Smart kettle (29% off)

Very fun too This smart kettle Mi Smart Pro Kettle With a high definition digital display: it allows you to view the temperature in real time and with controls via the app you can maintain the boiler temperature for up to 12 hours between 40°C and 90°C. Then it is also built with premium design materials, with Stainless steel inner lining AISI 304.

Professional thermometer (33% off)

this Hygrometer/thermometer With E-ink display and Bluetooth, it is very useful to know the ambient temperature and humidity at any time. All by spending The paltry figure of about 27 eurosThanks for the 7% discount. Super fast and free shipping.

SMART Laser Scale (20% off)

Xiaomi smart laser scale It is an ultra-accurate and easy-to-use laser measuring instrument. This scale is highly accurate professional Offers ± 3 mm of accuracy, which makes the real-time measurement accurate and stable. Today this little gem It can be yours for only 49 euros. Shipments are free via Firstly.

Xiaomi Smart Nail Clipper (10% off)

the Clever nail clippers From Xiaomi, made by the brand Simagic, it is a specific device that nevertheless gives you a perfect manicure. Suitable for both young and old, with no pain or discomfort, this product works electronically via Built-in rechargeable battery. You can operate it by pressing your thumb in the middle, and in a few seconds you complete the manicure without feeling pain or discomfort. If you want to try it, It costs 26 euros all inclusive.

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Smart waste bin

This is also very interesting rubbish container With automatic sealing and bag replacement technology: By pressing the front button for 3 seconds, the smart waste container automatically seals the garbage bag inside, thanks to the thermoplastic material sealing technology. He also replaces the dirty bag with a new one.

But that’s not all, don’t you believe it? Other offers:

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