Party in other people’s place – Big Brother 2023

Party in other people’s place – Big Brother 2023

The tenants are ready, the pizza has been baked. Let the party begin!

Through careful care, tenants put themselves in each other’s shoes. They chose a friend to play with, put on makeup, and took clothes out of the closets.

Even the hot and steaming pizza was freshly baked and brought to the table. The tenants continue to pretend to be someone else and help themselves to food.

Alexwhich explains JosephHe does not fail to declare his love now for Beatricenow for Anita. peeinstead of wearing clothes AngelicaHe constantly repeats his catchy phrases. ““seal pups” He shouts in amusement.

There’s no shortage of accents from around the world: Massimiliano, in costume MirkoIt’s a perfect retino, Cyrus Gives a Teutonic touch to Alex, Victor She forces herself to speak Neapolitan to honor her friend Ciro and Anita, and she improvises as an extroverted Venezuelan… just like… Greece!

Rosieno longer sweet as usual, turns into rock and roll and gives vent to an unprecedented design, and becomes what it is Cornflower.

Between the fake arguments and declarations of love, the boys forget the tensions and animosities for a while and enjoy showing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Loud laughter is the background and joy reigns!

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