Hell’s gate has been burning since 1971, and scientists are studying its nature

Hell’s gate has been burning since 1971, and scientists are studying its nature

Hell’s Gate What is it? It has been burning since 1971. Scientists study it very interesting

Crater – Gateway to Hell (Pexels)

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there temper natureas we all know, they are constantly giving us Offers With great characteristics and disarming beauty. but, that happens Even those particular phenomena I was born By men, by mistake or will. An example of this is the very famous.Hell gate‘How many times have I heard of her? to speak? It’s been burning since 1971. Scientists have been, for a long time Busy In many studies on this topic: we immediately discover what it is deal withIts location and everything you need to know about it consideration. The details of this story are really many interesting: Let’s find out now.

Hell’s Gate: A Study of Scholars

The burning pit site since 1971
Hell’s Gate: View from the Camp (Pexels)

Hell’s Gate crater Invasive Darvaza, also known as “Underworld gates“It is precisely the crater that arose because of collapse Natural gas cave. And the’ Located, as you can imagine, in Darvaz, Turkmenistan was born by a man. The geologists Give it a way deliberateto prevent the spread of Gas Methane: It seems that you can burn Non-stop since 1971.

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it’s interesting Elementin this regard, published by the important monthly scientific journal “concentration‘Have raised a mission benefit By readers and enthusiasts and not. But we discovered Immediately over this hole and on the head Date. Like we said, the door to hell Located In Turkmenistan and Central Asia, opened by geologists sovietwho were on the platform in Search of oil. accidentally hacked Roof From a large room, the floor under the platform collapsed hurry In a cave filled with natural gas. All the equipment Scientists were there right away swallow The accident also caused inevitably Victims among researchers.

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there Leak of gas, highly flammable, representing a state Risk In light of this, scientists decided Designation Fire, hoping to gas exhaust and turn it off to resume a file Searches. This did not happen, the pit, in fact, burns Continuously since then: It was 1971. Today’s hole is approx 70 cm and depth not less than 20 meters for a total area of ​​more than 5000 Square meters.

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within A native There is a widespread belief that it is actually a phenomenon supernatural. Hell’s Gate Representstill today, an important tourist attraction Relevance. From 2019 It was almost 50 A thousand tourists visited Site. However, the surrounding area is just as much Famous The camp is in the desert Wild. Option to set it on fire storage area dictated by the need to avoid Damage to the population and ecosystem, due to Poisoning That gas loss causes. It’s a must LocateHowever, this is me ruin It will definitely have an effect LimitedSince the site is full Desert.

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