February 9, 2023

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Xbox Game Pass is growing a lot, and Sony fears it and is talking about it for antitrust – Nerd4.life

Xbox Game Pass grow a lot ha Sony is afraid of itor at least that is the position expressed by the Japanese companyAntitrust Brazil, when it was called to report Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

Therefore, there is not only the discourse according to which there is no competitor for Call of Duty among the arguments that Play Station represented at his hearing, but rather the general reference to a Monopoly risk for the gaming market.

“Over the past five years, Microsoft’s Game Pass service has grown to intercept 60-70% of the subscription services marketSony wrote: “A higher percentage is in Brazil, about 70-80% of PC subscriptions.”

“When Microsoft announced its acquisition of Bethesda in 2020, Game Pass had nearly 10 million subscribers. Even if each user had paid for the lowest tier, of $10 a month, that would have resulted in more. $1.2 billion in revenue From subscriptions only.

When Microsoft then announced its acquisition of Activision in 2022, Game Pass had grown to 25 million subscribers, a 38% increase over January 2021. Double annual revenue related to subscriptions amounting to at least $3 billion.”

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