The Kremlin Moves to Turn the War Back – Libero Quotidiano

The Kremlin Moves to Turn the War Back – Libero Quotidiano

Russia may reassign a large number of its forces From the northern sector of Donbass to southern Ukraine“: The British Ministry of Defense has revealed in the latest intelligence report the alleged change of strategy of Vladimir Putin. It would be a move that would upset the ongoing war in Ukraine.” Over the past four days, Russia has been trying to launch tactical attacks on the Bakhmut axis, northeast of Donetsk, making only slow progress. Russia may stand Modify his attack in Donbass after failing to take a decisive step forward under the plan I have followed since April.”

one city in particular, ZaporizhiaIt has been identified as a vulnerable area and needs strengthening. Meanwhile, the losses of the warring armies continue to be significant: “The total combat losses of the Russian enemy in the period from February 24 to August 1 were approximately equal to About 41,030 peopleThe General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said, according to reports UNIAN. Subsequently, 200 tanks, 1,768 armored combat vehicles, 117 aircraft and 223 helicopters were destroyed.

Meanwhile, in short, it is southern Ukraine that is poised to become the hottest region in the country, the area where the two armies may soon clash. In fact, Kyiv has already started its offensive in that area, especially a Kherson, a city in Russian hands hoping to take back: ruined bridges and destroyed warehouses prove it. According to many observers, the Ukrainians could use advanced weapons against the enemy, such as the American kamikaze drone Phoenix ghost.

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