Super Smash Bros Ultimate, bad news for players

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, bad news for players

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is exciting more and more players over time. But now there is bad news

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, bad news for fans (YouTube source)

We’re talking about one of the most beloved titles of all time. In fact, to be precise, it is a notable series in the gaming world. However, in the past few hours, something new, not very exciting, has arrived. In fact, for many fans and loyalists of this saga, it can be true heartbreaking News related to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

How did this happen? According to an interview with Masahiro Sakurai, director of the franchise, the fate of the title may change forever. We well remember that thanks to Sora’s arrival in the game, support after the title is released is reached its climax. Here, then, we are very excited to see the release of the next chapter.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate director’s words

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros Ultimate, bad news for fans (YouTube source)

Masahiro Sakurai, as mentioned, talked about the future of the epic and his lyrics aren’t really like that The most persuasive and the most positive. “I don’t think of a sequel. I don’t think of it every time. However, I can’t say for sure that this is the end of Smash. I need to think about whether we should create another Smash Bros., at the risk of frustrating users”.

Already last year, for those who remember it, the director probably predicted that climax It will be his last project in the series. In addition to the possibility of getting away from the title, there were rumors of one of them Final exit from the world of video games. Sakurai said that without him Smash doesn’t get the same result, so with Nintendo he’ll have to assess the potential success of another chapter.

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In fact, in the past, there have been tests of the possibility of passing the stick brought unsatisfactory results. This inevitably means that it is the manager in charge of the franchise and not someone else.

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