X Factor 2023, Report Cards: Ambra in the final with no competitors (score 4), Maria Tomba alive (score 8)

X Factor 2023, Report Cards: Ambra in the final with no competitors (score 4), Maria Tomba alive (score 8)
Fidesz Tour, rating: 7

When Fedez arrived live, he was able to put together a very strong team and got to work. He lost Asia almost immediately, but then he ran on and with two very good competitors reached the final, he knew how to listen to them (when they found themselves in difficulty in the task he agreed to change the song) and make it over. Despite the distractions caused by Morgan’s soap: through his fault he finds himself in Valerio Staveli’s house several times with a golden tapir in his hand. He certainly would have preferred (and deserved) a quieter X-Factor.

Morgan in the episode, rating: 0

The contexts change, with some variables (sometimes he apologizes, and sometimes – as in this case – he comes out against the alleged “cliques” against him), but the result does not change. Morgan remains trapped in a destructive cycle fueled by his ego. In this case, he returns after launching attacks on the program in all places and in all lakes. Create chaos. He was sent away. “Morgan did Morgan.” Unfortunately, because then we were no longer talking about the music but about his excesses. It is no coincidence that he continues to divide the audience even if he is no longer present among the judges: there are those who reject him without appeal and there are those who save him for the thousandth time due to his competence and experience (he won five times over his competitors). Or because it could be an excuse to confront Fedez (which is very popular lately).

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Embra in the final with no competitors, vote: 4

“We are the emotional unknowns, we are always crying, we are crying». This is how Ambra jokingly introduced her team on the eve of Live’s departure. Episode after episode, and also because of the missions, the passion has always remained confined within the team. The audience was cut off and the love was quickly lost. Ambra thus found herself in the final without competitors after also facing a sibling vote during the fifth live broadcast between Angelica – who entered as a pop and left a cardinal, as they say – and Matteo Alino, as she did not feel the desire to decide who was first. The judiciary (and the other two judges, Fedez and Dargen, had to intervene to help him).

Dargen is less focused than the last release, rating: 5

Although he quietly managed to bring almost his entire team to the final, Dargin seemed less focused than last year. He was often overshadowed by his crowded office neighbor (with whom he also clashed lively during the fourth live stream). However, he was really a big supporter of other competitors like Maria Tomba, whom he repeatedly declared he admired.

Francesca Michelin in difficulty, rating: 5

After last year’s baptism of fire, Round 2 was supposed to be a walk in the park. Flat, graceful, smooth. Instead, it turned out to be a Dolomite stage, and in the most tiring moments (Ivan Graziani’s slip but above all Morgan was impossible to contain) Francesca Michelin appeared in great difficulty.

Revelation Maria Tomba, rating: 8

We still don’t know if the “Maria Tomba è morti” tour will ever happen, but one thing is certain: Maria Tomba, with her feisty stage presence and over-the-top enthusiasm (plus her powerful soulful voice), was a revelation.

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