James Franco breaks the silence and talks about the sex scandal that overwhelmed him

James Franco back to talk about it The sex scandal that swept him a few years ago. The actor was charged with sexual harassment shortly after his victory in Golden Globes In 2018. Five women (including four students from the drama school) sued him for getting them and other girls to undress during auditions and simulate sexually explicit acts.

The case is now closed: in fact, at the beginning of 2021, Franco reached a special agreement with his accusers (People for a figure of more than two million dollars, which was approved last February). Now the actor is back on the topic during a river interview with Jess Cagle podcast She admitted her addiction to sex to live the relationship quietly Isabelle Pakzad, which has been going on since November 2017, and has not denied having consensual sex with some of her students.

“I’ve had girlfriends – he said – but have never been faithful. I cheated on them all before Isabel.” Then he added, “But I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Then, in detail, he said that sleeping with some of the female students “was a mistake. But, as I said, that is not why I started the school activities and I wasn’t the one who picked the people who attended the lessons. So there was no plan from me.”

“There have been situations where I’ve been in a consensual relationship with a student and it didn’t have to happen – the actor and director added – at the time I wasn’t clear, like I said. So I guess my criteria were: If that’s consensual I think it’s okay. We’re all adults, So … “.

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According to Franco, these situations are related to his altered psychological and physical state due to alcohol and substance abuse. She explained, “I was dealing with things and so was my addiction. And I used the rehab route to start looking at the situation and changing my identity.”

one of the accused, Sarah Tether KaplanAfter the remarks he tweeted: “It makes no sense to apologize until concrete action is taken on behalf of the survivors. Imposing a general fine with ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I was wrong’, ‘I love women’, etc. does not help the people who have been injured. When abusers exclude victims from their speeches, they cause even greater pain. Keeping the survivor from trial remains a real problem.”

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