The Guerrero Treaty / A signature between the Italian fall and the American power vacuum

In Edmund Djimbovsky’s major work on the Seven Years’ War (Seven Years’ War 1756-1763 Published in Paris in 2015 for Berin Varieties) states: “At the end of the Austrian War of the Austrians, the French began to worry about the danger of gathering in New France (North America) because of their growing influence. The English in the Ohio Valley. This is a note that should impress us, not just Europeans, but globally.

No Vacancies of International Power: The vacuum in inter-state relations is always filled by the strength of international relations. That’s what happens today American unification The origins of China and the centrist-driven insane North American action between Russia and China have been exhausted by its internal decay as it faces the regional aggression isolation caused by Russia. The centrifugal force enhanced by the EU’s inability to transform economic power into a military and diplomatic dictatorship. Thus the role of the middle powers at all points of contact with the seas of the heartland: the Mediterranean Sea on the Atlantic side and the South China Sea on the Pacific side.

But the EU’s geo-strategic vacuum must also be filled with another expression of power: it is inevitable. Hence France’s increasingly important and decisive role – maritime and nuclear e With an imperial profession – At a Mediterranean level (hence the Atlantic and Africa together). If this role is fulfilled on the ground with the agreement between France and Germany – no wonder it was outlined as necessary before the collapse of the Soviet Union – despite the frictions, Italy should now be called to the French side. The errors of the destruction of Libya and Syria and Iraq, American neo-isolation and Franco-English ignorance have given way to Turkey and Russia. In the most obvious sloping diplomatic and political decline that has unfolded with dramatic evidence for more than twenty years.

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This is why the Franco-Italian agreement is now coming to light: China must now be opposed on all fronts, and now the bridge between China and Russia must be prevented from joining the neo-Ottoman renaissance. Everything is so simple when viewed from above without looking down.

This is what I say when I call for a public debate on foreign policy, and when one wonders why it has been so long, this is what comes out of the Republic. Parliament He was not called upon to pronounce himself not on treaties or treaties, but on the dictates of foreign policy, and therefore on the “prevailing interest” of the country. The power of the Soviets to demand the release of treaties signed before the Great War was not on the horizon. But a minimum of national dignity and diplomatic wisdom is necessary to prevent the disintegration of the republic, in full compliance with the President’s uniqueness regarding the international legal compulsion of treaties.

In the context of both NATO and the EU, it is not necessary for Lenin to come back up and pursue a foreign policy of self-respect. LA Austrian Succession War, From 1740 to 1748, encompassed all European powers and defeated the accession of Maria Theresa to the Austrian throne. Before the so-called globalization, the world was interdependent for centuries. It was not only economic, but also the power relations between nations, empires and neo-colonial conquests. If so, we should not be surprised at the agreement between Italy and France. In the eighteenth century, in the Enlightenment century, all the forces involved in the European struggles were interconnected through treaties and treaties, in addition to cognitive-dynastic relations. The British blamed France for the global domination that Louis XIV wisely saw.

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Global History Already in the Enlightenment era, in North America and India, the French were expelled and the British left the lands inhabited and the Mayflower pilgrims all that they could occupy. , To establish the nation that dominates the world.

It is in this global context that it is necessary to insert agreements between countries that have already entered into binding agreements and treaties such as the treaties that bind all European countries and give birth to the EU. But it is certainly worth noting that today, as in France and Germany decades ago, even France and Italy are being forced to fill that void I spoke of a moment ago.

It all starts with this awareness: the economic and cultural issues of the Armed Forces in the field and those dealt with in the treaty are of global importance more than the European one. That is why they should be discussed and resolved with full awareness. But the necessary awareness must be “long-term and broad-based” as it has been said over a period of time. What is missing today.


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